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Bianca Silvi

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of FRENCH GUIANA :)

made by BIANCA :) French Guiana CAPITAL The capital of French Guiana is Cayenne FUN FACTS is a french colony AGRICULTURE French Guiana has some of the poorest soils in the world SPORTS boating an oversea region, and department of France located in south America stands on a former island on the mouth of Cayenne river, on the Atlantic coast Religion- roman catholic language- french climate- hot and humid most people in French Guiana are African or mixed soil acidity is another cause of the poor soils, and it requires farmers to add lime to their fields all of these soil characteristics have led to the use of splash and burn agriculture soccer PICTURES :) swimming fishing basketball pictures VIDEOO FOOD the people of French Guiana have great access to fresh sea food such as shrimp you'll get a delightful French cuisine, almost as good as the original CULTURE sing and dance away your troubles in French Guiana music and dance are very popular in this country most art products are also very popular and mostly found in French Guiana RELIGION French Guiana's religion is the roman catholic most people are catholic, but Maroons and Amerindians follow their own religious religon PEOPLE 70% are creole or african 10% european 8% asian 8% brazilian 4% amerindian HISTORY the French moved in and first settled in Guiana in 1643 they later got into conflicts with the British and Dutch slavery was abolished in 1878 in 1946 the country became an overseas department of France ever since its developing into the European space centre, it has turned into a place with very modern amenity TOURISM visit French Guiana for an absolutely fun experience of traveling right into the interior to where the thick rainforests open up a new world French Guiana is the smallest of the Guiana's it was earlier a colony under the french, and is now administered as an oversea department QUIZ what is the capital of French Guiana? Cayenne what is their religion? Roman Catholic what is their climate? hot and humid SPICES some spices to add flavors to the food in French Guiana are: cinnamon nutmeg cayenne pepper mango is one of the delicious fruit that they use to eat, make smoothies, and desserts NATIONAL FLOWER the national flower of French Guiana is the Lily lilies come in different type of shapes and colors the lily flower symbolizes purity and refined beauty the lily flower can convey different meanings
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