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Turn off/malfunctions

No description

Mary Ann Covey

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Turn off/malfunctions

Over prepared:
Role of studentdoctor.net - careful of group think (Forbes)
Answer question NOT give prepared answer
Issues of sharing questions Issues related to Multiculturalism/Diversity

Is it who I am or what I do?
Do I have more than a textbook understanding of social justice?
Am I simply saying what I think they want to hear?
How does my presence in the room impact the potential cultural differences/similarities in the therapeutic relationship? Case Presentations:

Relevant to the site
Include diagnosis
Demonstrate an understanding of diversity NOT just a lip service There has been no data to support that counseling center sites are ranking more people . . . Do we rank them?

Do we go to the clearinghouse? Turn Offs/Malfunctions What ACCTA members have seen this year . . .
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