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Kate Chopin

A brief biography and introduction to "A Pair of Silk Stockings"

Justin Moore

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Kate Chopin

Kate Chopin
(1851-1904) Her work was unrecognized and even SCORNED during her lifetime Affluent It was not until after her death That her work won the respect it deserved Kate was born into an family Interests in music and reading were encouraged Francais and Kate grew to be: Witty popular and independent Her husband, Oscar Chopin died when she was 31 after bearing him six children From Swamp Fever began It was at this time that she to write. she started with a single poem and after that then some short stories came her first novel Chopin's themes: accurate portayal of French Creole people repression of women and Her radical beliefs about women HOSTILITY led critics to greet her work with They called her novel, The Awakening, sordid and vulgar It was removed from the St. Louis libraries her friends shunned her and a local arts club denied her membership This affected her greatly and she allowed her writing to fall by the wayside many of her works were rediscovered decades after her death with the help of feminists in the 60's and 70's She is now recognized as a skilled novelist who was 50 years before her time
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