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Cellphones in school

Why should kids have cellphones in school without restrictions.

Flying Doritos Doritos

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Cellphones in school

Cell phones can help kids feel safer and know that there is a way to get help in emergencies. (Logos) 5 billion people around the world have cell phones. Parents want students to carry phones Relationships with parents have grown.
Kids feel safer 71% of american students ages 12-17 own a cell phone. 72% of students use there cell phones in Saftey is impared with no Cell Phones allowed in schools
(ETHOS) Chips in Cell phones
Information through instant messages. makes parents feel safer.
Start yet disarm bombs. Cell Phones in school By: Justine Lorch,Aurora Lopez, Fernando Saldivar,Jc fletes, Rumors and fear
new siblings Most kids dont follow the restrictions
Sensitive issues can be kept private Injury and family emergencies Privacey and insecure isues are just know to the person that its sensitive too. (paos)
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