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Lullabies for little Criminals

No description

Tara H.

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Lullabies for little Criminals

Lullabies for Little Criminals Heather O'Neill. The story begins in the Austrich Hotel near the “Red Light” district of Montreal, Canada. An area where drug dealers, prostitutes and the homeless can be found. In a small two bedroom apartment live Baby and her father Jules. Jules is a heroin addict and has raised Baby, who's about to celebrate her 12th birthday, alone. He had Baby when he was 15 and Baby’s mother died when she was just 16.
Baby knows her father is a heroin addict. Jules will often refer to heroin as “chocolate milk” and say he is just going to the corner store, but Baby knows better. They have spent many years moving frequently around Montreal, where Jules has often disappeared for days or weeks leaving Baby on her own. Shortly after her 12th birthday, Jules becomes sick with tuberculosis and is hospitalized. Baby is sent to a foster home in Val des Loups, outside Montreal. She lives in foster care for several months and meets five foster boys with different pasts.

Baby is happy to be reunited with Jules and they move to a new apartment on Napoleon Street. Jules is still troubled, doing heroin, and involved in money-making schemes. He gets arrested and sent to rehab. Baby stays with Jules’ friend, Mary who is friendly and has two sons. Baby goes to visit Jules in rehab and learns he is planning to stay an extra month. Baby decides she is going to become a drug addict too because all the drug addicts came around to visit her father and they laughed, were cool and made a fuss over her.

She tried drugs but did not want to feel that way again.
Jules gets out of rehab and is awkward and sick. He blames everything on Baby and she feels unloved. He is judgmental and demanding. He has strict rules. He punches her when she wears knee socks, calling her dress inappropriate. He will not tell her the truth about her mother. They move again. She has no friends at school. She joins a community centre where many are drug addicts and misfits and they accept her. What is that? She befriends Theo, who is mean and abusive to the group. The group banishes him from centre. Baby feels connected to the group and is excited to be part of their activities.

But Theo gets jealous and follows her, twists her arm and she ends up in hospital. Jules refuses to allow her to stay at the centre. Baby gets very upset and re-joins Theo and they break into the home of a mean girl from school. Theo is taken to foster care, without good-byes. Jules begins a pattern of drifting and disappearing for days. While on her own, Baby likes to hang out with adults who pay attention to her.

She is noticed by a man named Alphonse, who her father had called a “pimp”.

Jules had never let her dress older, made her dress young.
But Alphonse made her feel like a woman. Alphonse gave her gifts. Baby thought he was so interesting. When Jules found knee socks he gave her, Jules punched her and called her names. Baby begins to do drugs and drink alcohol with Alphonse, she begins to trust him. What is that? One who controls prostitutes, arranges their clients and takes money. She turns 13 and Jules promises that things will change and Baby wishes they would be the way they used to be. But Jules finds pictures that Alphonse had taken and calls social services. Baby is sent to the Detention Center where she stays for a couple of months, meeting strange juveniles. She is very lonely and feels abandoned and betrayed by Jules. When Baby gets out, she and Jules are barely talking. She is sent to a remedial school but they soon recognize she is an “A” student and is moved to the regular class. She begins meeting Alphonse again. Baby wants to belong to someone.

He uses her. Meanwhile, Jules is about to be evicted and is heading to the streets. Jules does not notice what Baby is doing anymore. Alphonse convinces Baby to become a prostitute. She agrees. One night, Baby is locked out of the apartment. She tries to go to Xavier’s home, but his parents refuse. She goes to the drug park and Alphonse introduces her to heroin. Baby stays with Alphonse and continues to use heroin for months. She is beaten up every night.

She learns that her father was looking for her and staying at a shelter. She misses Jules. She is lonely and gets high on heroin. She finds Xavier and takes him to Alphonse’s room where Alphonse finds them together and beats them up. The next morning Baby finds her father and they have a happy reunion. He takes her to a cousin to live in Val des Loups where she is greeted with hugs. Betrayal Abdonded Alone Unloved Confused Depressed Sad Alphonse uses the rest of Baby’s heroin and dies of an overdose.
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