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Eight Stages of Genocide

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ashlee g

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Eight Stages of Genocide

Anita, Ashlee, Allyza and Alex North Korea Genocide - North Korean government is communist and Kim Jong-il (ruler at the time) was a dictator
- Thought their religion was better than Christianity
-The collapse of the economy in the 1990's brought down the economy which led to an outrageous famine How Ultra-Nationalism led
to Genocide Classification - North Korean government is communist
- Half- Chinese babies were being killed because of their ethnicity
- Religious groups such as the Christians were targeted
- 50,000-70,000 Christians were imprisoned Symbolization - Any person with symbols or ideas that Kim Jong il feels threatened by are punished
- The christians symbols like crosses
- 200,000 North Koreans were held in political prison camps (50,000 of them are Christians) Organization - The North Korean government denies its people almost every basic human right
- There is no religious freedom aloud. If people are caught practicing or spreading religion in secret, they will be punished
- It is illegal to leave the country without state permission
- Permission is needed if you want to travel to another part of the country
- North Korea partnered with china to finance the costs of mass murder Dehumanization ‚- Many children who are born in these political camps are raised as prisoners because their blood is guilty
- Woman are usually executed or sent to concentration camps when they are caught as refugees in china
- Guards in some concentration camps say that prisoners are being treated inhumanly and being used as medical experiments as well as being exterminated in gas chambers. Polarization Preparation - Kim Jong-II was a dictator
- A propaganda displayed how the government put the military before citizens
- The government set laws that North Koreans were required to follow or they would be killed
- Women pregnant with babies belonging to men who are North Korean are forced to get an abortion -Kim Jong il made the people believe that the world was in mass shortage of food. Using the media
-Denying any outside communication or travel inside to North Korea limiting knowledge
-He took whole groups of men, women and children and forced them to remote work location or work camps. Extermination - The women who fled to China and impregnated were forced into abortion because they believed that the children were fathered by a non-North Korean.
- Children who were not full North Korean were murdered to prevent mixed ethnicity in North Korea.
- Christians were publicly executed or forced to concentration camps where they were starved, tortured or worked to death along with their families.
- People who were caught practicing religion in secret were punished harshly by public execution or sent to concentration camps.
- Those with Criticism against the North Korean government were executed or sent to political prison camps Denial - North Korean Government denied the existence of the labor and political prison camps.
- Tore apart the railway tracks leading to a few out of the many concentration camps so no one could pass through and witness the camps.
- North Korea's economy failed and fell into depression and famine.
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