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Geometry: Objective 5

No description

Lexie Sky

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Geometry: Objective 5

OBJECTIVE 5 Geometry Section Terms to know: Parabola: the shape of the grapg of a quadratic function. Vertex: the highest or lowest point on a parabola. Shift: move up, down, of side-to-side. Translation: transformation that shifts or slides every point of a figure or graph the same distance in the same direction. Quadratic function: f(x)=ax2+bx+c, where A,B, and C are real numbers and A is not equeal to 0. Solution:a soultion for quadratic functions would be its x-intercepts. Root: A mathematical operation indicating which unknown number, multiplied by itself a specific number of times, equals the number included inside the root sign. The "square root" of 81 equals 9 is an example of a root. x-intercept: the x-coordinates of the points
where a graph intersects the x-axis. exponents: the number that indicates how many times the base in a power is used as a factor. if the constant changes to a positive number then it will go up on the y-axis if it is negative, then it will go down. THE END Lexie Swiercinsky
Jacob Marsh
Tyler French
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