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Woyzeck Concept 1920's

No description

Deanna Lashbrook

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Woyzeck Concept 1920's

Woyzeck Concept
Staging & Set:
Multipurpose set
Relevance to today:
The greed and corruption of the banks and financiers during the 1929 Wall Street Crash parallels the greed of today's government and benefits system during the recent recession having similar effects on the lower classes as they struggle.
Both era's experienced business failures & job losess with poorer people struggling to find jobs.
Currently 13 million+ people living in poverty in the uk (1 in 5 living below poverty line) - 13 million+ were unemployed during the Great Depression
With the increased inflation and living costs with no increased wages, it is getting harder for the poor to get by today.
Character List:
Woyzeck- Caretaker
Marie- Housewife
Captain- Chief of Police
Drum Major- Wall street businessman
Doctor- Doctor
Andres- Caretaker
Margaret- Housewife
Grandmother- Marie's sickly grandmother
Jew- homeless man
Showman- Showman
2 Journeymen- jazz musicians
Sergeant- Another Businessman
To reveal the similarities between the Wall Street Crash in the 1920's and the recent recession in 2008.
To have the audience leave with a better perspective of the struggle of lower classes shown on t.v programmes such as 'benefits street' and 'poor kids'.
To highlight the class divide and social hierarchy present throughout history and the effect this has on lower classes.
To expose the effect the greed and corruption of higher classes and corporations has on the lower classes.
To present the effects of poverty on the individaual and society.
Costume- Marie
Plain with darker colours to contrast with brightness and interesting patterns of the richer women's costumes
Costume- Drum Major
Complete suit that is black and white with a hat and very slick hair to show his higher status
Costume- Woyzeck
Very scruffy looking all of the time to show he has been overworked and is living in poverty
End on Staging
proscenium (like original)
Whole theatre to become lecture hall during Scene 8 and circus during scene 3
Low lighting throughout play (represents this idea of the great 'depression')
Bright lights during scenes in the morgue and hospital style room for doctors scenes
Backdrop would consist of a brick wall at the top
Spotlights used and different parts of the stage would be lit for different scenes
Low hemline and no accessories to show her inability to keep up with the then, modern fashion-- shows her poverty
Unprovocative clothing in order to present her innocence to the audience further. Very thin to show
her lack of money.
Plain with darker colours to contrast with brightness and interesting patterns of the richer womens costumes and short scruffy hair to show her attempte like the flappers.
sign in top right corner of stage to show the different alleyways
Simple clothing with dull colours such as grey and brown: shirt, trousers, apron for when hes with andres, waistcoat for captain and doctor scenes
Difference in costume will show the different status' each job requires
His over pretentious and pompous attitude is shown when he carries a cane under his arm also reflecting how he is able to keep up with the trends of that time due to having money
He will either have a shiny pocket watch or a wrist watch to show his wealth clearly
Woyzeck vs Drum Major
The clear difference in costume between Woyzeck and the Drum Major clearly shows the extreme difference between the classes during this era. This was the age of consumerism so the more you owned and they better you looked showed your wealth to others. This is similar to now where the peopel living in poverty are being looked down upon for not having expensive clothing or cars or houses.
Marie vs Other Females
There will be a clear difference in costume between Marie/ Margaret and some of the other women during the taverns scenes. This would be to emphasise Marie's poverty to the audience and to clearly show the importance of the 'flapper trend' during the 1920s-1930s. The grandmother would wear a low hemline to show the reserved view of the older generations of that time .
Lights are used to distinctively show the audience the difference in status
Original vs Concept:
Both present idea of human exploitation and suffering
Both present the effects of poverty on the lower classes however the original shows it more on society whereas my focus is on the lower classes completely.
Both explore the treatment of the lower classes by the higher classes
very rare for the whole stage to be lit in one brightness
Aisles of audience and two audience doors would used
set for marie's room would be onstage throughout
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