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A Wrinkle in Time

No description

Isabella Ihrig

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time
Charles Wallace
Mr. Murry
The IT
Mrs. Who,
Mrs. Whatsit,
and Mrs. Which
Meg's missing,
tessering father
A popular boy who gets mixed up with Meg at the wrong time
1 of the 3 Guardian Angels,
Mrs. Who can only speak in
Camozotz' evil dictator
Mrs. Which, the oldest, has a large stutter, and is very wise.
Mrs. Whatsit is the youngest,
and is the only remotely normal
of the trio.
By:Bella, Makayla, Hannah, and Wesley
The oldest and wisest, she has a
tendency to overexaggerate each
and every letter in a word she says.
An angry 13-year-old,
who has love on her side
Meg's 4-year-old
baby brother
He's a young genius
who can sense feelings
Meg's father was lost
over a year ago. Also, The IT and the Black Thing are trying to take over the universe
1. Earth
Meg's motherly figure
on planet Lxzhel
Aunt Beast
Meg's Motherly figure
on planet Lxzhel
Three Mysterious Women take Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace on a tessering adventure to Camazotz,
where Charles Wallace in hypnotized
by the IT. Meg, who is injured by the IT,
Calvin, and Meg's lost-and-found father,
Mr. Murry, must leave the planet before
they too, are taken over by the IT.
They tesser off of Camazotz and land
on Lxzhel, home of the Beasts. Meg is
saved by Aunt Beast, and Mrs. Who,
Whatsit, and Which show up and
send Meg to Camazotz to save
her brother. She tells Charles Wallace
how much she loved him, which saves
Charles, and does the opposite
to the IT. The Earthlings return home
to Meg's mother and twin
brothers. Then the Mysterious Women disappear.
The IT's orderly territory
home planet
The home of Aunt Beast
2. Camazotz

3. Lxzhel

4. Back to Earth
Charles Wallace is captivated
The home of Aunt Beast
*Tessering is the ability to travel faster than the speed of light with your mind through time and space.
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