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Juan Ponce de León - Power Point

Mr. Sanchez Class - Alexandria Reyes and Elena Garcia's Presentation. First Period - Latino Studies.

Alexandria Reyes

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Juan Ponce de León - Power Point

Mr. Sanchez Class Latino Studies By
Alexandria Reyes and Elena Garcia Early Life Juan Ponce de León, was born in Santervás de Campos, Valladolid, Castile and León, Spain.
As a boy he was hired to deliver messages in royal court.
Later he served in many military campaigns against the Muslims, until 1492 when they were driven out of Spain. Juan Ponce de León, accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World in 1493. Full name: Juan Ponce de León Encounter
Native American I also found out that "Disneys, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: They mention the Fountain of Youth & Juan Ponce de León, which has an important part in the movie." Juan Ponce de León was a Spanish explorer and conquistador.
He became the first governor of Puerto Rico by appointment of the Spanish crown.
He led the first European expedition to Florida. Juan Ponce de León, used many tools being an explorer.
Compass and Astrolabe were his prime tools of his choice. Cold weather
Shortage of food
Indians attacking them. Founder of Puerto Rico & Florida.
Juan Ponce de León was one of the first explores of the new world in service of his country Spain. Once again setting sail Juan Ponce de León, motivation was to seek further lands and discoverers.
So he could take credit, name them.
"The Flowery Land" which stands for Florida. Juan Ponce de León, was famous for searching for the legendary fountain of youth. Juan Ponce de León was struck by a poison tipped arrow, received in Florida.
He died shortly arriving back to Cuba Havana.
Dying at the hands of the Native Americans; the people he had killed and brutalized and enslaved, during his exploits to gain fame, and personal wealth in the new world. Biography The New World Navigational Tools Compass Compasses have been used for a long time, mainly by seafarers & explorers.
It is the oldest navigation instrument, and it has been a very important tool for navigation at sea for centuries.
It has been used since the middle ages, allowing ships to sail the chosen course. Also, by taking bearings with a compass, people could find their position on a chart. An astrolabe is an antique instrument used to measure and predict the positions of astronomical bodies, such as the stars, planets, Moon, and the Sun.
Although invented by astronomers, and put to wide use by astrologers and astronomer's alike, it is in it's form as a mariner's navigation tool that the astrolabe is most famous.
It served as an invaluable tool for determining latitude during sea travel. Astrolabe Challenges Achievements Motivation Driven by greed for gold, slaves, and land, he did not flinch from brutality and cruelty when he needed to sweep the native people of the new world out of his way.
Those he did not kill he enslaved. Fountain of youth Died - 1521 The legend became particularly prominent in the 16th century, Juan Ponce de León was searching for the Fountain of Youth when he traveled to what is now Florida in 1513. Since then, the fountain has been frequently associated with Florida In St. Augustine. "No, I told you! Ponce de León died two hundred years ago."
"Aye, but he died searching for something, didn't he?"
"...The Fountain of Youth." Extra stuff Juan Ponce de León's
Death Juan Ponce de León Born: 1474 - Died: 1521
Alexandria Reyes and Elena Garcia
2/29/2013 Mr. Sanchez Class Latino Studies 1St Period SPAIN PUERTO RICO CUBA FLORIDA North
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