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Mark Castellucci

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of bullying

West Park Elementary School Bullying By: Jen Hard, Grant Wright, and Mark Castellucci Questions? Kindergarteners Third Graders Why Should We Care? Catholic Social Teaching Call to Family,
Community, and
Participation Rights and Responsibilities So How Can We Make A Difference? Bullying Seminars within the School
Teaches how to stop and prevent bullying

When friends help out, 57% of the time bullying stops in 10 seconds

Cost-effective Stopping Bullying Through Sports -Teaches children how to work together as a team

-Coaches teach and coach against bullying

-Helps children build confidence and friends

-Children stay healthy mentally and physically 1 in 7 Students in Grades K-12
is either a bully or a victim of
bullying. Over 3.2 million students
are victims of bullying
each year. Regular Teacher Evaluations Stuart Twenlow, MD, a psychiatrist, anonymously surveyed 116 teachers at seven elementary schools (Feature, Katherine). 45% of those teachers admitted to bullying a student (Feature, Katherine). Web MD suggests that having volunteers in the classroom could diminish the bullying from a teacher.

Regular Teacher Evaluation
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