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The Importance of Maths

Improving maths education in the UK

Stephen Rogers

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of The Importance of Maths

The Power of Maths Elizabeth Truss Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Education and Childcare Curriculum

Post 16 Mathematics

Reforms to Childcare Online shopping investments pensions journalism architecture marketing technology the media e-commerce design engineering medicine the environment movies The Hobbit The Issue Demand Supply British Fields Medalists: 1958 Klaus Roth University - College London
1966 Michael Atiyah - University of Oxford
1970 Alan Baker - University of Cambridge
1986 Simon Donaldson - University of Oxford
1998 Richard Borcherds - University of Cambridge
1998 Timothy Gowers - University of Cambridge Is the UK an Outlier? The Solution PRIMARY SECONDARY ALAN TURING Mathematics Programme of Study Exploring understanding written algorithms mental arithmetic 15% Key Stage 2 Tests Problem Solving Studies have shown that British vegetarians have, on average, higher IQs than the general population.

Does this show that meat is bad for your brain?

What other explanations might there be?

How informative is an average anyway?

And how large a random sample is needed if you want to be convinced that an observation is probably more than a random fluctuation? You are in an airport and walking from the main departure lounge to a distant gate. On the way there are several moving walkways. There is a small stone in your shoe, which is annoying enough that you decide that you must remove it.

If you want to get to the gate as quickly as possible, and if there is no danger of your annoying other passengers, is it better to remove the stone while on a moving walkway, or while on stationary ground, or does it make no difference? Conclusion Alan Turing Bertrand Russell The University of Cambridge Bursaries for mathematics 2013/14

£20,000 for a first class degree
£15,000 for a 2:1
£12,000 for a 2:2 Stephen Rogers
Raising Standards in Mathematics Top Ministerial Priorities Why do we need maths?
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