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Beowulf Socratic Seminar

No description

Danielle Gray

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Beowulf Socratic Seminar

Beowulf Socratic Seminar
Seminar Topic #1
Elizabeth Barnes
Danielle Gray
Mitchell Rivera

1) Does President Obama give Americans hope, but still maintain his symbol of power? Does this necessarily make him a hero?

2) What qualities did Hitler have that made the Nazi regiment loyal and follow him?
1) How does hope help you overcome difficulties in life? Now relate this to Beowulf.

2) What does Wiglaf's support of Beowulf at the end of the poem speak of Beowulf's leadership?
1) What character traits make a king? Please provide examples of both positive and negative quailties Hrothgar, and elaborate on whether he was a good king or not.

2) Conclude on why you believe Hrothgar did nothing to stop Grendel for 12 years?
1) Everyone has both negative and positive views of how Beowulf is an admirable person. We want to focus strickly on how Beowulf is admirable and how he makes a good leader.

2) How did Grendel test Beowulf and Hrothgar's courage?
1) How does the author use the setting to show how Beowulf reflects hope and power?

2)How is the story of Beowulf a symbolism of society today?
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