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Prezi My Prezo - By Jeanine LeFlore

For Prezi Chief Evangelist Role

Jeanine LeFlore

on 2 October 2009

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Transcript of Prezi My Prezo - By Jeanine LeFlore

If I told you, you wouldn't believe me...
You have to see it for yourself. Do you want to take the red pill, or the blue one?
Once you decide, there's no going back. Do you want to know a secret? Are you looking for Poise? Are you looking for Pizzaz?! Hi, I'm Jeanine What can I bring to the table? How about some results? Shhhhhhhh.... And Now...
Time to Evangelize! Potential Distribution Channels Social Media Marketing Build Brand Awareness
and New "Fans" Link Building Blogging Article Submission Video Promotion SEO Prezi My Preso Education iPhone Apps Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Small Businesses Enterprise Web Design/Artists Self-Expression Tool
For Social Networks Powerpoint presentations used to be
dull and boring. Same graphics. Same
layout. Same way. But then someone dared to think differently.
Turning it upside down like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. The result: Prezi, the most powerful presentation and
self-expression tool. No more boundaries, no more templates.
Only a blank canvas for you to create your masterpiece. ... I told you. Now there is no going back. New Product Concepts Virtual Economy/Points as Rewards Content Storefront Grew from scratch to
30 Million users Selected as TechCrunch50 Finalist
out of over 2000 companies Grew to 33 Million Users
2.5 Billion Monthly Pageviews CLICK ABOVE To Play Video CLICK ABOVE To Play Video CLICK ABOVE To Play Video CLICK LINK BELOW To Play Video
AND SCROLL DOWN ON PAGE! Consumers Thank You! CLICK ABOVE To Play Video http://megaswf.com/view/e1af77224040a412d705296b963cd822.html By Jeanine L.K. LeFlore
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