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English Final Project: Special Effects Makeup Presentation

No description

Kailynn Goldbach

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of English Final Project: Special Effects Makeup Presentation

Zipper Face Tutorial
Zipper Face
Start with a clean, dry face
Place zippers up to face to figure out where you want them. Once in desired spot, lightly outline the zippers with black eyeshadow.
Apply spirit gum to back of zippers and let dry for a few moments to let adhesive become tacky. Once tacky, place zippers in outline, and hold for a few moments to ensure that they stay.
Once zippers are secure, apply red face paint inside the wound
Apply black paint along the inner perimeter of wound and let dry a bit.
Continue painting until you get the desired effect.
Zipper Face
Hand Wound
Two long zippers
Spirit gum
Black face paint
Dark red face paint
Paint brush/ sponge
Coagulated blood
Regular fake blood
Black matte eyeshadow
Thin, angled brush
Zipper Face Tutorial
Special Effects Makeup
Special effects makeup is used everyday in the film industry to produce terrifying monsters and gruesome wounds. Prosthetics, fake blood, paint, and hard work all go into these creations. In the following presentation we will explain how to apply two different makeups to inspire horror into the hearts of onlookers.
English Final Project: Special Effects Makeup Presentation
By: Kailynn Goldbach and Dominique League

There are several different types of special effects makeup; paint, shading, face prosthetics, and body prosthetics.
Hand Wound
Procedure Continued:
Once paint is completed, apply coagulated blood all over wound
Apply regualr fake blood on top of coagulated, adding it onto part of the zipper, and outside of wound to give dripping effect
Once blood is completed, take the angled brush & eyeshadow, and draw small lines along the outide of the wound, in an outward fashion to give the effect of the surrounding skin stretching out.
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Hand Wound Tutorial
These two videos are tutorials on how to do a decaying zombie, and a take on a demon/devil. We picked these videos because the makeup looks cool and the artist is quite talented.
Hand Wound Tutorial
Liquid latex (clear)
Liquid foundation (matches the model)
Black paint
Dark red paint
Coagulated blood
Regular fake blood
Regular brushes
Cheap brush
Carving tool
Hand Wound
Start with a clean, dry hand. Rest hand so that it is not in a fist, but not totally relaxed; somewhere in the middle.
Apply liquid latex with a cheap, disposable brush. Put a thin layer of liquid latex down, let it dry a bit, then apply another layer. Do this until you achieve the desired thickness of the prosthetic. You can add tissue in between the layers of latex, as that will speed up the process of making it thicker, but adding tissue often messes with the color, so it is harder to paint the latex to match your skin color. The video below explains, in further detail, how to apply liquid latex. Unlike the video, however, keep the layers as smooth as possible and keep all your edges smooth and thin. Keep away from all hair.
Procedure Continued:
Once latex is completely dry, use your carving tool (or tweezers) to open up the latex. You may cut pieces away and pull open latex until desired look is achieved.
Once your latex is how you want it, paint the prosthetic to match your skin tone.
Procedure Continued:
Apply black paint inside wound around the perimeter.
Apply red paint inside the rest of wound. Continue with black and red paint until desired shading of wound is achieved.
Apply coagulated blood inside wound
Apply regular fake blood on top on coagulated blood, and on the outside of wound to give a messy effect.
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