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No description

marisah mathews

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of MONSTER

Evidence of Isolation
*he sits alone in his jail cell
* he tries to befriend O'Brien his laywer because he feels alone
*in a quote he say that he feels his moms pain
Evidence of Race
*Steve is a african american and a prosecutor for felony murder
* On page 5 it say "ill call it what the lady called me. MONSTER"
*on page 99 there is a part that it cuts to a pretty black juror who is smiling and than it cuts to steve and he smiles back
Steve Harmon
Secondary characters:
James King
Richard "Bobo" Evans
Evidence of crime

*James king shooting Mr. Nesbitt
*Steve Harmon being the watch out
* stealing money and cigaretts from Mr.Nesbitt's store

BY:Marisah Mathews

Outside articales to the real world
Raw story:NYC teen spends 3 years in solitary confinement after being fasley accused of steeling backpack
Thefreethoughtproject.com:NYPD fasley accused diabetic teen of murder stole his insulin to force confession

I recommend this book to people 14 and up because it was written in a interesting format, and the format of the book made the story more interesting. And its great for people who dont really like reading and it resulting in being written in movie format the action in the book moves quickly and its more appelying to people who like movies
That showes that people his own race treat him better than people not his race
"when I look into the small rectangel,I see a face looking back at me but I dont recognize it, it dosent look like me. I couldnt have changed that much in a few months. I wonder if I will look like myself when trial is over ''

" sunset said he liked the name of the screenplay.He said that when he gets out, he will have the word monster tatooed on his forehead. I feel like I already have it tatooed on mine."

"I lay down across my cot. I could feel mama's pain and I knew she felt that I didnt do anything wrong . it was me who wasn't sure. It was me who lay across the cot wondering if I was fooling myself"
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