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Shakespeare's Education By Varun Liam Yu Sean

Year 8 English Research Presentation on Shakespeare and education - By Varun, Liam and Yu Sean

Varun Rao

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Shakespeare's Education By Varun Liam Yu Sean

Education in Shakespeare's Times By Varun, Yu Sean and Liam Education in the time of Shakespeare was uncommon for most because it cost a lot and was not supported by the government.

Girls did not get an education unless they were from the upper class.

Boys were first sent to ‘petty schools’ at the age of 5 and left at the age of 7

These schools were usually run by a housewife and they taught the boys basic skills as well as how they should behave

The early education of William Shakespeare would include respecting his mother and father, asking his parents blessing, rising early in the morning and saying his prayers

After attending petty school, the boys would, if their families could afford it, go to a grammar school.

Grammar school started at 6 in the morning and finished at 5 in the evening A girl’s education would be different to a boy’s.They would be taught proper manners, how to do house duties obedience to men and music and dance if they were lucky.

A boy’s education would start at 5am at a petty school.

There, boys would learn how to read and write basic English for a small fee.

Then they would go to grammar school if they could afford it.

Shakespeare's teachers were Catholic, so his teachings were influenced by their beleifs Shakespeare's Education Who got education??? Quality of Education Sketches William Shakespeare, unlike some boys of his age, was educated, and this had a huge impact on his writing.

He utilised his knowledge of Greek and roman classics in to his plays, and this was a key reason on why he was so successful

The education of William Shakespeare continued at King Edward VI Grammar by studying the works of the great classical authors and dramatists such as Ovid, Plautus, Horace, Virgil, Cicero and Seneca .

William Shakespeare would have been expected to converse in Latin at all times in order to improve his fluency in the language - any boy caught speaking English at school was punished.

William Shakespeare may well have been involved in performing some Greek and Latin classical drama as entertainment at the end of term - this might have been where he received his first 'taste' of acting

It is incredible that he achieved so much in only 7 years of formal education. Punishments Punishments in schools were harsh and very painful - 50 strokes of the cane were not uncommon.

If a boy at the school were to be caught speaking English instead of Latin, they would be severely punished!!!

Punsihments took place on Firday's, which were reserved for Exams and Punishments if any had been earned in the week Thanks for Watching By: Varun Rao, Yu Sean Chin and Liam Trett Year 8 English Research Presentation- Education in Shakespeare's Times
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