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abigail rodriguez

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of hatchet

the ugly truth
the big choice
his memory was like a knife cutting into him he remember his mom sitting in a wagon he was gonna say hi but something stop him ,there was a men .The man sit side by his mom Brian woke up and screamed , he thought he was gonna die but he was already on land he hearth birds singing
he was on a lake , he was grad the crash was over
he sit down and rest a little when he woke up there was no mush light ,his clothes were wet , and there was alot of insect that were annoying him ,he try to protect him selfe whit his wind breaker but it was all nasty ,he found a tall tree , a tall pine whit no branches , he sat his back against the tree and
felt asleep
'13 year old Brian Roberson is on his way to his dad house ,when his plane crashes ,it will take all his knowing and determination to survive ' (Paulsen back of the book )
Gary Paulsen

A story of survival ._.
Brian was trying to find a place to land he saw a big river but it was to far and the air plane did not have any more gasoline then suddenly he saw a moose that was drinking water from the pound he d to land there he hit his face but he still made it but the water was trying to kill him ....
The big crash
His eyes snapped open ,he was unbelievably ,viciously thirsty .His mouth was dry and tasted foul and stinky ,his lips were cracked and felt as if there were reading ,if he dis not drink water he will die, he look for water and drink all he could ,brain was trying to survival in the jungle
Brian tried but it did not work.he remember that C.P.R will help but he did know how to do it ,he cheek his heart to see if his heart was working but no ,that certainly meant that the pilot was dead ,he decided to help him selfe ,he started flying the plane.Brain called for help but the person asked were he was at . Brain did not know were he was at he was lost ,he look for any village but there where only tall trees ,suddenly Brian's plane pushed down .........

Brain in the jungle
Brain was having a dream and suddenly woke up
,he screamed ''Mother! .He was felling pain on the stomach .He screamed and screamed mother. It was as if the berries had exploded in the center of
him ,he vomited on the water and had diarrhea for
over an hour ,for over a year thought ,until he had
no more vomit on his stomach ,he looked for
shelter and food. He was covered whit lumps
and bites ,and was surprised to find the swelling on his forehead had gone down a great deal, was
almost gone .Brain found a a bear he did not know what to do ,the bear stood on it backs legs ,brain new that the bear was gonna attack him ,but the bear left and did nothing to brain .Brain made shelter sou he could sleep ,he found fresh cherries and went to sleep
Brain Roberson was on a plane on his way to his dad house ,his mom gave him a hatchet so he could cut trees with his dad , Brian his parents were divorce . the pilot let Brian fly the plain ,suddenly he smell a gas from the pilot then he notice that the pilot was having a hearth attack ,Brian was alone whit a dead pilot or a coma pilot
There were darkness on the shelter in the middle of the night ,he thought there was a growl ,but it was just the wind pushing true the tree pines .Something woke him up
he sited up and smelled something ,it smelled like a grave whit cobwebs and dust and old death,his eyes opened and widened but he could not see anything he had a little light ,but the smell was alive ,he thought of the bear ,and thought of all the monsters he new, But it was just a porky pine .His legs hearth
because the porky pines had gone thought .He founded a shelter and stay on there

two years before he and terry had been fooling
around down near the park
they were pretending
they were lost at the woods
Brain set out
shelter cover
whit grass ,leaves ,or sticks.
brain woke up from his dream and did what
terry had teach him after
two years
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