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How Prezi changed the way Box does training


Prezi Team

on 24 August 2016

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Transcript of How Prezi changed the way Box does training

so Prezi’s 'Present Remotely' feature is essential to us. "
Visit our Team License page to learn more about how Prezi Team Licenses can help your business:
“Presenting online with Prezi is
to the success of our trainings.”
-Maria Marquis
Customer Education Lead
It allows us to be really creative when we present our message, and that’s a huge return on our investment.
Prezi lets us really differentiate what we do.
Box provides online storage space to thousands of businesses.
And every time we sell to a customer, we offer them training.
"Obviously, my team can’t be in all these places at once,
For us, success means our learners are comfortable and confident with our service.
No one wants to go to a training and be bored.
Box Training
Traditional presentation tools are very linear, which is not how most people’s brains work.
Getting Started
Box Basics
So, we use Prezi to make our presentations more interesting
Getting Started
In the last year we've delivered over 200 corporate training sessions.
With Prezi, our team can easily share and deliver presentations, which follows Box’s mission of making content accessible across all platforms.
Check out more of the Box story here:
-Maria Marquis
Customer Education Lead
“Being able to present in real time to anyone,
makes my job a whole lot easier. ”
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