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Meet Harry

No description

Kate L. Arnold

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Meet Harry

'Helf' - a health management app for teens
The Problem
Readmission rates and deterioration due to not following the recommendations of the discharge summary
Discharge Summary is not easily shareable
Few Health Apps specific to needs of teenage users
The Context
A move towards electronic, patient-accessible medical records

Personal Data Issues
Healthcare data is always considered 'sensitive'
'Helf' Conceptual Design
Meet Harry
the hypothetical teenager
of 1000 faces
Like 47% of Teenagers in the US and UK, Harry has a SMARTPHONE
Like 8/10 teenagers, Harry uses some form of Social Media
....and has downloaded an app, along with 63% of teen smartphone users.
He doesn't switch his phone off, even when he goes to sleep, like 61% of other teen users
Harry's Health
Harry uses other apps to promote his health
He's more likely to
attend a scheduled GP appointment than any other age group under 18 (14%)
In hospital, he may still be put on a children's ward
Expresses a desire to take charge of own health concerns
... but lacks 'grown-up' knowledge
Harry's Hospital Visit
Harry was admitted with appendicitis
Surgery was fine, now he's going home
Needs to know what happened, what medication to take
what activities to avoid, who to make appointments with.
Teens need more guidance to navigate healthcare

Under-represented in healthcare research (Carter, 2009)

... and in user needs research (Kroemer 2006)
A growth in the health-apps market
Similar projects - e.g...

- HIV iChart, University of Liverpool
- NHS health apps library
- USA 'prescribing' patient decision aids
- Patient held records in Denmark and Malawi
CHI competition brief
• Community Pharmacists
• Integrated Care Teams
• Home care
• Social Services
• Informal carers

Opening up the digital ecosystem
Teenagers are unexplored as
health app user group
...and in health system design
to take control of their health
Helf is an App for Smartphones design to aid teenagers to manage their recovery and general health
The app is gently 'disruptive'- Helf 'pops up' to give you important health reminders
Helf is easy to use- keeps track of medicines, recommendations, follow-up appointments, basic health information from clinically assured sources
Easy to share your information- but also keeps it secure!
Kate Arnold
Jorge Mendez Astudillo
Pepita Stringer
Ke Sun

Thank you.

Where is the data stored?

How is the data viewed?
"in principle yeah, it sound like a great idea putting patients in control [..] how we do it is probably the conversation we need to have"
- Rory King,
Information Governance Manager,
Fair processing notice
Push and pull in a time-poor system...
Version control
Literature review
Health studies
Sociological research
Project Management Experience
Clinical healthcare background
Health Services Research
Computer Science
Human-Computer Interaction
Interface Design/Prototyping
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