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The Lusitania

No description

Matthew Hansen

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of The Lusitania

The Lusitania
787 feet long
87 feet wide
Speed 29-30 mph
Total capacity (crew and passengers): 3048
Could hold 7000 tons of Coal
Made 202 successful trans Atlantic voyages
Left New York bound for Liverpool on Saturday May 1st, 1915
Sank 11 miles off the coast of Ireland on May 7th, 1915
The Aftermath
The ship sank in about 18 minutes.
Nearly 1200 people died, about 124 were Americans.
The British would deny the ship was carrying war materials.
The sinking was used as propaganda to encourage enlisting in the war effort.

America's Response
While there was outrage in the United States over the sinking, and some demanded we get involved in World War I, the U.S. would remain "neutral" for another two years until Germany sent Mexico the Zimmerman Telegram.
The Last Voyage of the Lusitania
The Last Voyage
of the Lusitania
U-Boat U20
210 feet long
18 mph on surface
11 mph below the surface
Crew of 35 men
On patrol to sink ships containing war materials bound for England.
Fired one torpedo at the RMS Lusitania, yet there was a mysterious second explosion.
Germany's Response
Although they were initially quite proud of the fact that they sunk the Lusitania and the crew of U-2o were applauded as heroes, the German government later apologized in February of 1916 and offered to pay reparations in order to keep the US neutral.
The Fate of U-20
U-20 ran aground off the Danish coast on November 4th, 1916.
The crew destroyed the ship
with explosives the
next day.
Walther Schweiger's sub struck a British mine on September 5th, 1917 and he was killed.
Do Now
1. Read this.

2. Take out your extra credit on Zimmerman Telegram and if you did it, put it in the basket on the cart.

3. Make sure you have the Unit Assessment written in your agenda.
Lenin with his kitty, Mr. Snuffles
Warm Up:

Take a sheet from the cart and work on it to help you review, also please take out the Lusitania questions.
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