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Relation between Humans,Animals and Robots

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SaRa BinaZir

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Relation between Humans,Animals and Robots

Relation between Humans,Animals and Robots

Cyborg and Robopet
The Uncanny Valley
Relation between Humans,Animals and Robots
Cyborgs and Robopets
uncanny valley
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen
Chris Hables Gray
Masahiro Mori
government regulations will no longer need to solely focus on foreign and domestic policies in the physical world, but they’ll also need to devise policies for the virtual world, and those policies may not necessarily be consistent with each other. They expect cyber-warfare and drone strikes to overshadow traditional combat.
As the appearance of a robot (or photorealistic 3D model in our case) is made more human, the observer’s emotional response will become increasingly positive until the likeness reaches a point where slight imperfections become emphasized and the emotional response turns overwhelmingly negative.
Can the Uncanny Valley Be Beaten?
Does it not seem more feasible to think that in the reality of the world to come, normal as an attribute will have long undergone a facelift in meaning just like everything else? If death is defied and lines of distinction between machine and living organisms blurred, then we will have to reinvent all our theories too and animation as an imitation of what is real.
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