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02.03 Population Statistics

AP Human Geography

Anna Grace

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of 02.03 Population Statistics

02.03 Population Statistics
Question A
Part 1
Part 2
One possible reason for the differences between the population data for Pakistan and Spain is the major difference in female literacy rates. Spain has a much higher female literacy rate that Pakistan.
Question B
Thus, the total rate of fertility decreases. When the total rate of fertility decreases, the natural increase rate may decrease as well.
Question C
My Predictions Part 1
My Predictions Part 2
Part 1
One public policy that would affect the data I predicted for the Philippines is a policy restricting how many children a woman can give birth to. This would majorly decrease the total fertility rate.
Part 2
A public policy that would affect the data I predicted for Indonesia is a policy requiring women to be taught to read. This would increase female literacy rates, which would decrease the total fertility rate.
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