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Joshua Buresh

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Paraguay

Paraguay Location the capital of Paraguay
is Asuncion. 25 degrees S 57 degrees W Place the population is 7,000,000 people the climate is warm the animals are tapir, jaguar, caimans, pirahna and armadillo. the landforms are deserts and rivers. H.E. Interaction The natrural resources are hydropower, timber, iron, ore, manganese,and limestone the industries are sugar, element, textiles, beverages, wood products, steel, and melallurgic the crops are cotton and soybeans the economy is based on agriculture Movement imported goods are machinery, fuels, tobacco, beverages, chemicals, and steel products. exported goods are soybeans, beef, and cotton. transportation in paraguay are buses, cars/ motorcycles, and walking. 2 traditions at paraguay are "The Bottle Dance," it is performed by only girls. anorther tradition is men men wear baggy pants tied at the waist with string. Region The paraguay government has 17 different departamentos, (like states) each one is lead by a government. the ethnics groups are 95% mestico and the rest are Amerindian. religous groups are 90% are Roman Catholic, 6% are protestent, and 1% are other christian Sports soccer Sports soccer volleyball volleyball tennis basketball Food bread cocido the most common food in paraguay is mandioca Tourist Attractions Iguassu Falls Casa de la Independencia Interesting Fact The worlds largest rodent, the capybara, lives in Paraguay. It can grow to be 4.5 ft..
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