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Teacher Leadership, Week 1, Class 2

No description

Chloe Bolyard

on 4 September 2016

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Transcript of Teacher Leadership, Week 1, Class 2

Teacher Leadership

Professional Norms

Tuesday, 2/3
Readings due:
Poetter’s (2014) chapters 1-2
Rousmaniere’s (2000) “From Memory to Curriculum” (on Niihka)
Wednesday, 2/4
First day in the field
Monday, 2/9
First Teach Live Lab
Looking Ahead…

Possible conversation starters
How does Rita Pierson’s talk connect?
“We teach who we are”—Meaning?
Tension between technique and identity and integrity
How do we connect self, subject, and students?
Describe a teacher who has done this
The tension between being personal and professional at work
How do we appeal to students’ inner truth (p. 73)?
Key quotes
“The Heart of a Teacher”

Professional Norms
Purpose/Non-Purpose of EDL 318M
Course Map
Ted Talk
Process the Readings
If time, Good Teacher/Bad Teacher

As a group
Discuss the good and bad teachers you have had
Split your poster in half and create a visual that portrays the culminating characteristics you described.
Be prepared to share with the class
Good & “Not so good” Teachers

Purpose/Non-Purpose of EDL 318M

Teacher Leadership

Week 1, Class 2

Unit 1: Self Reflection in Teacher Leadership

EDL 318M

Examine an array of topics related to teacher leadership
Cover, in depth, all topics related to teacher leadership
Explore theoretical and practical assumptions and applications connected to teacher leadership
Provide how-to methods or instructional strategies (although, I will try to model these for you)
Consider the collaboration between general education and special education
Consider all issues related to every content area and special education
Be respectful
Open to others’ viewpoints. Disagree respectfully. Respect whoever is speaking. Listen without interrupting. Pack up when it is time to leave—not before.
Be present
Use cell phones for emergencies only. Participate in group activities. Engage in discussion.
Be prepared
Come on time having completed the readings and assignments.
Be helpful
Help out a classmate if s/he misses class
With each other, with the teacher, with the class
Initial reactions to the course text

(created by you)
Reflecting on the Readings
Respond to one of the following.
What is Palmer's main argument? What is Poetter's?
Underline the specific passages that support your interpretation of the author's argument.
What passages did you agree/disagree with?
What challenged you? Surprised you?
Our Course Map
Unit 1: Self Reflection in Teacher Leadership
Unit 2: Social Justice in Teacher Leadership
Unit 3: Curriculum and Policy in Teacher Leadership
Roll the die and answer the corresponding question.
1. What most excites you about starting your field placement?
2. What about the field makes you apprehensive?
3. What questions do you have about professional attire in the field?
4. Have you had a previous "field" type experience? If so, briefly describe.
5. What are you most looking forward to this semester?
6. Choose one of the above and answer.
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