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Membership Comparison - Dec. 2013

No description

Joe Lurgio

on 10 December 2016

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Transcript of Membership Comparison - Dec. 2013

Membership Comparison - Dec. 2013

Membership Level 2
Current IBMA Membership Incentives
Non Voting Memberships
Membership Level 1
Insurance Endorsements
Health Insurance:

IBMA - Sound Health Care
AMA - Sound Health Care
FAI - Sound Health Care
Instrument Insurance:

IBMA - Clarion Associates
FAI - Clarion Associates
- Total Instrument Ins.
Event Liability Insurance:

IBMA - SteelBridge
FAI - SteelBridge
IBMA members only incentives:
vote in annual awards (prof. only)
access to membership database
access to Google listserve
discounts to monthly webinars
discounts to World of Bluegrass

IBMA services available to public:
monthly newsletter
Backyard Bluegrass promo videos
World of Bluegrass events
access to "white papers"
rental car discounts
codes on website
social media/promo of bluegrass
Charity branches (Trust Fund & Foundation)
Current AMA Incentives:

vote in annual awards
access to membership database
discount to AMA Festival
1 year free membership to GearTrack
1 month free online access to Musician's Atlas
Americana radio/airplay chart
social media/genre promotion continually
Current FAI Incentives
discounts to annual national & regional conferences Yes
non profit umbrella for all qualifying members No
quarterly newsletter (members only)
access to FAI listserve
discounts to other orgs conferences (i.e. IBMA, IMFCON, New Music Seminar) Yes
no known discounts with IBMA
Showcase opportunities at other conferences (i.e. SXSW, AMA, IBMA, NMS) NO
free online access to Muzlink.com for marketing/promo tools
1 month free online access to Musician's Atlas
free access to Stageplots.com (generates custom stage plots)
link is currently broken
free file transfer service (up to 2gb) at wetransfer.com
free access to House Concert guides at concertsinyourhome.com
100 free 11x17 posters w/production of 1,000 or more CDs from Groove House Records
FAI shares members contacts with SoundExchange to help artists get paid royalties
Airplay Direct: 50% YES
Ugly Mug Coffee: 10%
Deering Banjos: 10% (req. 3 custom parts)NO
Nechville Banjo: 10%
Magazine ad discounts: Elmore, Americana Rhythm Music 10%
Colorado Case Company: 15%
Oasis CD Production: $50 off
VE Associates: 10% DVD Production
MMS (Music Manufacturing Services): 13%
Bandzoogle: 15% off annual plans YES
Celebrity Access: unknown amount
Eventbrite Ticketing: discounts to event producers, unknown
Flashharp (memory stick): 10%
Limelite: $15 mechanical liscenes
MerchSpace: 10%
Sprint Cell Services: 10% YES but verizon
Visa Writing Services: unknown
Singer & Musician Magazine: 30% annual subscription Yes but to BU and possibly offer discounts to advertise on member orgs, other important trade mags (i.e. Fretboard Journal)
Proposed IBMA Membership Incentives
Discount Ideas
members festivals (i.e. Rocky Grass etc...)
other org. conferences (i.e. FAI, AMA)
misc. related prodcuts (picks, straps, strings etc...) company like Guitar Center or Musicans Friend
Airline: work with Jet Blue(grass) or SouthWest for discount. Leverage buying power
possibly combine with FAI, AMA, CMA
Website template discounts (i.e. Bandzoogle)
Continued Education (i.e. Homespun, Artist Works Academy)
Publication Discounts (i.e. Bluegrass Unlimited, Fretboard Journals, Front of House)
Band transportation purchase discounts (i.e. Sprinter)
Record promo discount/Publicist discount
Misc. Support service discounts (i.e. graphic design, merch production, sound engineers, studio time)
Airplay Direct discounts
IBMA membership discounts to association members
Discounts to advertise with IBMA (web, IB, conference program)
CD/Vinyl production discounts (i.e. Oasis)
Discounts to Union Members
Travel discounts (i.e. coffee, gas etc...)
Incentive Ideas
Organized jams led by bluegrass "elite" sponsored by IBMA
i.e. at festivals, association events, other orgs events (i.e. SXSW, AMA)
Meet n Greet w/bluegrass "elite" sponsored by IBMA
Topics/lectures by industry leaders via web or at festivals, association events, other orgs events (i.e. SXSW, AMA, Greyfox, Merlefest, Wintergrass, Galot)
Interactive online interviews, concerts, Q&A sessions (with "elite", industry leaders) Possibly replace staff effort on Backyard Bluegrass
Airline instrument priority boarding (allow members to board prior to general public)
Create a facebook page for members (delete any archived sites)
Establish and foster ongoing mentor program
Endorse a financial planner or system for members to use
IBMA sponsored parties/gatherings (i.e. host backstage parties at various festivals around the world, provide drinks/entertainment, for members plus 1-2 guests)
Priority booking program - guarantee festival promoters will book a certain number of member bands pre non members
Priority radio play program - guarantee radio DJs will play a certain number of member bands pre non members
IBMA promoted music online (i.e. pandora, spotify, noistrade) possibly post playlists to represent various bluegrass weekly or monthly charts
Packaged plans for events to use to produce: 5K fundraisers, Sustainability
Members only WOB Late Night party
Members exposure via social media (possibly a weekly focus on a band, org etc.
IBMA Streaming Radio Station (plays members only content)
Early hotel or conference registration/increased discount
Revive Simmons Research access (cost estimate 20-30K full access, $1800 al a carte)
IBMA online database access.............
New CRM/Data Base Interactive Membership Service Initiative
- a powerful tool connecting industry members based on databased inputs by members, staff, & other industry members with various queries setup to easily mine valuable information to empower members
safe couch surfing query to connect members with like minded people while traveling
songshare queries allowing songwriters to upload songs and use meta tags to make songs queriable by artist looking for songs, allow listening of songs
easy access "classifieds" for members looking for work either for local, regional or full touring work.
public to queryfor bands (i.e. someone looking for a bluegrass band for a wedding)
site will be set up with auto renewals to avoid out-of-date information
This has been envisioned as the next evolutionary step for Bluegrass Nation, with BG Nation evolving to become a part of the new IBMA website. The site would have various levels of access from a general view as BG Nation is currently to full membership access.
association jams, meetings or events can be queriable by date/location
concerts and events can be queiried by date/location (i.e. festivals)
data can be printed from the site
current IBMA lists would become a set customizable query exportable in various formats (i.e. .csv, excel, word etc...) Lists include: event producers, festival, associations, radio contacts, board members etc..
queries can be updated based on changing informational needs
most data would be collected during streamlined membership renewal online
and more.........
General Incentive Improvement Areas (require committee conversation on benefit of focus):
International focused incentives
translate certain IBMA media (i.e. newsletters, conference programs)
College/Student targeted incentives
needs reinforcement/organization
Exhibitor benefits
Grass Roots benefits/expansion
Clarify insurance endorsements
Organizational incentives
Clarify what an Organizational membership specifically provides (need to provide benefits to these people and expose the IBMA to them)
Tiered pricing for size of organization (similar to FAI)
Develop Bluegrass Associations relationships to IBMA
staff to communicate with and print association news in IB or social media
staff to lead webinars with association leaders quarterly
create a discount to IBMA or its events for members of associations, or early registration
allow access to certain benefits (make all member association members grass roots members, w/a discount to upgrade)
International organizations too
Table of Contents
- Sources
- Current IBMA Membership Base
- Comparison of Membership types and cost
- IBMA Membership Types
- Comparison of Insurance Endorsements
- Incentives offered to members currently
- Proposed IBMA incentives and discounts
- Proposed IBMA database and related members benefits
- General areas IBMA can expand value of membership
- Next Steps....
Sources of Information
Information presented herein was gathered from various sources
Historical Membership Surveys
2003 Grassroots membership survey
2000 Members Survey
2007 Grass Roots Survey
2011 Survey Results
Worden-Siminoff Report
Staff review of historical membership meeting notes
Ongoing general feedback to staff
IBMA Membership Stats - December 2013
Total membership = 2,602
Membership Breakdown
Lifetime = 103
Individual = 1378
Organizational = 217
Grassroots = 856
406 from North Carolina (47%)
223 approx. added in 2013
Friends = 22
State Summary
NC = 664
TN = 390
CA = 106
KY = 88
Average Age = 70.8 % over 50 years old (from 2011 WOB event survey, not an accurate number for the current membership. Quoted here for reference only)
Average Age of Bluegrass Fan = 56% are between 25-54 (Experian Simmons data reported in Bluegrass Today's 2012 Special Report)
Next Steps......
- 2014 Goals:
Increase total membership to 3,000 members by Jan. 1, 2015
Identify benefits that can easily be added in early Jan '14
Plan membership promotions for 2014 (completed thus far: Committee personal calls, Social Media Share, Klean Kanteen campaign, Tony Rice video promo)
Add 2 value added, substantial benefits to professional membership by Jan 2015
Improve/increase IBMA image
produce content at festivals (i.e. Bonaroo, Merlefest, Hardly Strictly) run a stage, concert, workshop at events
presence at trade shows (i.e. SXSW, AMA) presenting talent or workshop presenters
College programs - visit all bluegrass related colleges and present a concert and/or a bluegrass presentation. Remind them all that they get one free year membership to IBMA
Define promotional goals and available budget for 2014
Host members only event - i.e. specific events at WOB, after hours late night show at WOB etc.....
Target influential industry members to leverage membership (i.e. Keith Case, Quicksilver etc...)
Advertise IBMA membership (magazines, blogs etc...)
Review and Update White Pages/other resources available to members
Board/Staff to conduct a lapsed members drive
Annual Conference
Member Savings
*2011 data is not know. 2014 is estimated based on goals
IBMA Annual Membership Summary
IBMA Annual Membership Summary
*2011 data is not know. 2014 is estimated based on goals
Membership marketing:
Staff to develop plans to work closer with other orgs (Bluegrass Museum, FAI & AMA):
Discounted memberships fees/create a membership to all three orgs
discounted convention/awards tickets
staff to plan and attend an annual meeting between the 3 orgs to exchange ideas/plans etc...create ways to work together
Improve IBMA's general image
New website/logo
Advertise IBMA in and outside of the bluegrass industry
in kind trade for ads whenever possible
IBMA presence at targeted non bluegrass events (staff or board) i.e. SXSW etc...
IBMA staff to build strong relationships with targeted non bluegrass media leaders (i.e. American Songwriter, NPR, Paste, No Depression etc...)
Diversify content in IBMA media (social media, instagram, program, monthly newsletter)
assemble an "E team" to gather current and exciting content for staff or others to use (possibly board members representing their constituents)
use a similiar "E team" in Raleigh for event coverage
staff to have editorial control/possibly Dropbox or Google docs
WOB seminars and events focused on:
part time musicians/industry
established musicians/industry
may require looking outside of our own community

Marketing & Promo
Membership Promotions:
Discounts for joining during a certain time period
Discounts to members who get others to join, i.e.:
if a band is only an org, and all join as individuals give free advertising or org membership
get a friend who has never joined to join and get 25% of your registration or membership
Promotional gifts for joining or upgrading membership
Klean Kanteen cups
conduct Jan. Klean Kanteen promo and use results to base other promos on
Develop a recurring payment plan- allows for monthly membership payment installments instead of 1 time may ease membership costs for some. May increase upgrades to lifetime.
Richard Gelardin has offered use of his Bill Monroe picture to us for fundraising (tshirts, hats, posters)
Limited edition posters donated or purchased at a reduced rate for new members (work with an artist or designer)
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