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OIC - 2

No description

Jimmy Desai

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of OIC - 2

The Challenge The Right Now My Soultion Unique Home Sites Unique Agent Sites Currently on WWW Want to examine feasibility
of implementing a mobile solution The Unique Selling Point Current Mobile Applications How will it work? Thinking Outside the Box Value-Added Data Quick & Easy Website Area Schools Walk Score Neighbourhood
Demographics Create website within a few minutes! Constraints Cost
Add value for existing clients
Many Apps Available Provide numerous listings Quite a few apps in the US, but only a few in Canada Provide Geo-Location Capability Generally speaking, good usability What's Missing? All of them provide the same information This is restricted to MLS data No Value-Added Data! Other Points But this could change any time Bringing It All Together Target: The property buyer (or a buying agent) At the minimum: Must have all functionality of other apps Key value-add is in the data harvesting Functionality:

1. Offer all existing functionality

2. Provide Value-Add data Provides users with all the information they need This means they will not need to use the other apps The other apps do not provide this The app serves as a funnel to agents Why will it work? They get additional information about UHS-listed properties Makes it easy for the buyers to get in touch with the agents
Allows them to schedule open-houses
Brings more exposure to the existing sites The Future? Maybe some new sources of revenue? Can potential mobile app users be charged? How do we bring in users who are not otherwise likely to use this service? Benefits Existing client-base still has incentive to pay The buyer still get this information for free The clients still get their value :

* Still able to share value-add data
* Still able to create websites quickly What is it? Pricing: Free! But must also provide the value-add data! Not just another app! Platform:

To start: iPhone

Later: Move to Blackberry & Android Conclusion This app will cost money to develop It's main function is to increase visibility for your clients Any estimates of profits or benefits at this point are pure speculation
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