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The Big Bang / Marshmallow Tower

No description

MistyBrooke GardnerAnson

on 7 November 2018

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Transcript of The Big Bang / Marshmallow Tower

The Big Bang

At one time, all matter and energy were compressed into an extremely small volume.

Happened around 13.7 billion years ago.

Matter and energy were sent outward and the universe began its expansion.
Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Video Quiz
1. When do scientists believe the Big Bang happened?
A. 13.7 Million Years B. 13.7 Billion Years C. 300,000 years

2. Why did the Big Bang happen in total darkness?
A. Light didn’t exist yet B. The stars were too far away C. The moon was blocking the sun

3. When the Big Bang occurred there was a big flash of something. What was that “something?”
A. The Sun B. Radiation C. Stars Exploding

4. After the Big Bang, the narrator mentioned two things that were happening. What were those two things?
A. Blueshift & Carbon dioxide B. The universe was getting hotter C. The universe was getting
develops and smaller bigger and cooler

5. The pure energy of the cosmos started to cool and ______________was created in the form of countless trillions of subatomic particles.
A. the Earth B. the Sun C. matter

The Hubble Law
Edwin Hubble-An astronomer in the 1920's.

Supported the theory that the universe was expanding. The law became supporting evidence for the Big Bang Theory.
Explosion of a Universe!
Balloon Activity

1's- Measure Distance
2's- Blow up balloon
3's- Record Results
Hubble Law

Hubble discovered that the farther the galaxy was from Earth, the faster it was moving away.
What was the purpose of the balloon activity?
How did the distances from the “Milky Way” to each galaxy change as you increased the size of the universe?
Which galaxies appeared to move the greatest distance?

How does your model support the Hubble Law?
Exploring the Big Bang
Research Topics
Big Bang
Redshift / Blueshift
Waves and Speed of Waves
Wavelengths and Frequency
Background radiation

Alpha, Beta, Gamma Radiation
Intro to elements / atoms
KMT (Kinetic Molecular Theory)

Exploring the Big Bang-Gallery Walk
Work in groups researching different topics that relates to the Big Bang.

Researching in the computer lab.

You will need to make an infographic on Piktochart.

You will only have a computer 1 day, make it count!
Exploring the Big Bang-Gallery Walk
50 Points + 5 Bonus for a model

-25 pts. How well did you cover your content?
-10 pts. Participation
-15 pts. Display (infographic)
-5 pts. Extra Credit for an appropriate model.
What does it mean to extrapolate data?
Bellringer-Fri. Aug 21st
Things you need to know.......
The first atoms to form were hydrogen and helium elements.

Some of the very 1st objects formed were

Quasars are star-like objects that give off radio waves and X-rays.
Things you need to know......
Observations made years ago still provide us with tools to study the formation of the universe.
Light and sound travel in waves.

Distance from one crest to
another is called wavelength.
As light passes through a prism, each wavelength is bent at different
angles, and a band of colors results.
Red light
has the longest wavelength.

Red Shift
is the lengthening of light waves emitted by an object (star or galaxy) MOVING AWAY from earth.
Moving Away
By examining the degree of
red shift,
scientists were able to determine the speed at which the galaxies were traveling.
To find the speed of a wave:

Frequency x Wavelength
In the 1960's scientists discovered background radiation evenly distributed throughout the universe.

The discovery of background radiation was another piece of evidence that the Big Bang had occurred.

Types of Radiation

Alpha-Least dangerous in terms of external exposure.

Beta-Electrons that move very quickly. Can travel several feet but blocked by most solid objects.

Gamma-Most dangerous form of ionizing radiation.
Two models regarding the origin of the universe:
-The Big Bang Theory suggests the universe was created 13.7 billion years ago.

-The 2nd model is called the Steady State Theory. This theory suggests the universe contains no beginning or end and is always expanding.

For this conflicting viewpoint what is 1 similarity between the 2 theories?

1. What are the two variables?

2. What temperature is the Red Giant Branch around 1 Lsun?

Which of the following has the longest wavelength?

A. X-Rays
B. Gamma Rays
C. Radio Waves

What does a civil engineer do?
Write the date, question, and answer!
The Marshmallow Challenge
Working in teams of 3 you will use your materials to build the tallest freestanding structure.
-20 sticks of spaghetti
-36 inches of tape
-36 inches of string
-1 Marshmallow
The entire marshmallow needs to be on top of the structure.
You cannot be holding the structure, it must stand on its own.
You are not required to use all the materials.
You can break your spaghetti, tape, and string.
You cannot use any additional materials.
You have 18 minutes to complete your task.

Name 3 steps of the Scientific Method
(Design Experiment)
(Communicate results)
(What should be included?)
Bubble Gum Roles
1. Chewer
2. Someone to measure
3. Recorder
4. Someone to help stretch
According to theory, how was the universe created?
Peer Review
1. Make a scatter plot.

2. Create a line of best fit.

3. Extrapolate to answer-What would
the score be after studying 4.5 hrs.?

4. Extrapolate to answer-What would
the score be after studying 5.0 hrs.?

5. Explain a trend from your scatter plot.

Civil engineers help construct large structures by choosing the best building materials and deciding how to use them.
Bellringer Answer
1. Universe appears to be expanding.
2. Abundance of chemical elements
3. Cosmic Radiation

Learning Target-I can graph data to demonstrate the Hubble Law


What could your group have done differently during yesterday's marshmallow challenge to make your structure better?
Alternate Big Bang for holidays
What are 3 main supporting observations of the Big Bang Theory?
Blue Shift
Has shorter wavelengths

Celestial objects moving
toward the observer
Red Shift and Blue Shift is the same concept as the Doppler Effect. Can anybody tell me about this phenomenon?
In Astronomy, scientists use Doppler shifts to calculate how fast stars and other astronomical objects move
towards or away from Earth.

For example, the spectral lines emitted by hydrogen gas in distant galaxies are often observed to be considerably redshifted.
End of Prezi. Worksheet
You can extrapolate data when looking at your line of best fit.
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