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Balance Score Card (BSC)

Beñat Oiartzun Andueza

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of INDITEX

Garance Dilly
Coral Merino
Beñat Oyarzun

07/05/2013 - How is the success measured by our shareholders ? Financial perspective
How are going to create value to our customers? Customer Perspective At what internal processes must be excel to satisfy our customer? Internal perspective Employee capabilities, information systems and organizational climate. Learning & Growth perspective Conclusion What is the Balanced Scorcard Operating processes - Low cost production (customers).

- Respect Corporate social responsAbility (shareholders).

-Cheapest suppliers Customer management processes - Price according to the target groups.

- Attract consumers Open new shops.

- Retain consumers Changing clothes Innovation processes - Made-to-measure.

- Design and develop new products.

- New opportunity Developing countries.

- Take care of: Energy and environmental integration Improve internal processes Competences Technology - The monitoring and improvement of the supply chain Organization - Sustainable Inditex.

Eco-efficient store programme -Opening more shops

-Higher quality

-New products Objective
Attract customers

Initially: low prices, less quality
Actually: higher prices, higher quality

Every 2 or 3 weeks

Shops and website

No advertising Reducing costs
Show its brand by the pouches and showcases Who is Inditex ? - 1989 Creation of InDiTex Group

-one of the world's largest fashion retailers

-Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home and Uterqüe headquarters in Coruna, Spain Balanced
Scorecard of
Inditex System for measuring and managing all aspects of a company's performance. - Financial perspective
- Customer perspective
- Internal perspective
- Learning and Growth perspective Sources : Inditex's web site : http://www.inditex.es/en/

http://www.maaw.info/BalScoreSum.htm ! Database, examples 07/05/2013
102,8e / share Financial objectives : - Increases sales
- Multichannel growth Measures : - Revenue Growth Strategy - Expand Revenue
opportunities - Training hours

800,000/39,000= 20.51h/employee - Over 930,000h of training Objective - reduce the emissions from
logistical activity by 20%
by 2020 Financial perspective Customer perspective Internal perspective Learning & Growth perspective - Increase share´s value. - Connected network. - Increase sales (attract customers). Increase sales
multichannel growth More shops/quality - Reduce costs No stock/no advertisements - Cheapest suppliers.

- Best service.

- Develop new products. - Training hours.

- Sustainable Inditex.

- Monitoring supply chain. Efficiency Efficiency: Thank you! - Open new shops around the world Initiative : 2011: 365 news stores 2012: Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Japon Financial ratio - ROE : 30% - 28%
- ROI : 32%
- Free CF : 11,46M€
- ROCE :39% - 37% Data 2012
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