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The Lightning Thief

SSR Project

Sai Lofanda Shanequa

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief By : Rick Riordan
Project by : Sai Athota Symbolism Zeus' Lightning Bolt "Zeus's master bolt," Chiron said, getting worked up now. " The symbol of his power..." Zeus's Lightning bolt represents his power in the Lightning thief. This can be proved by Zeus freaking out when he loses the bolt. His reaction says that he's almost powerless without his lighting bolt. Gabe's Camaro
Gabe's Camaro "He kept griping and groaning about losing her cooking-and more important, his '78 Camaro-for the whole weekend." Not a scratch on my car, brain boy," he warned me... Gabe's camaro symbolizes his pride.
He is the type of person who would sacrifice anything
for the car. Without the car, he feels as if he is nobody. Archetypes Character- The Loyal Retainer "Wait!" Grover yelped."It was me! I pushed her." Throughout the story, Grover always sticks by Percy's side which proves him as a loyal friend. He is always willing to risk his life for him.This can be showed when Grover stands up for Percy when he gets in trouble. Situational- Good vs. Evil "I thought about my dreams, the evil voice that
had spoken from under the ground.""Hades."
Chiron nodded. "The lord of the dead is the only
possibility." The quote shows that Percy , the hero,
is gonna take on Hades and his
evil forces in order to achieve his goal.
Good versus evil is the primary situational
archetype in the Lightning Thief. Symbolic- The color blue "But ever since, my mom wet out of her way to eat blue. She baked blue birthday cakes... and brought home blue candy from the shop. The way Percy's mom makes everything
blue symbolizes that she has a depressing
and cold life with her unlikeable husband.
She even claims the reason she bears his
torchers is because he financially helps them. Motifs:
Disappearance- "She exploded into yellow powder, vaporized on the spot..." Getting hunted down- " Easy for him. I was the one Zeus wanted to kill." Hate- " Yes, but- but Hades hates all heros." Theme- You have to learn to accept yourself and your friends, because sometimes, they're all you got. Theme- You have to accept yourself
and your friends for who they are, because sometimes, they're all you have.
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