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Inherit the Wind

No description

matt miller

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Inherit the Wind

Inherit the Wind Scope's Monkey Trial "Belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and are the creation of a supernatural being, most often referred to as God." Creationism -Genesis 1:1-2:3
-Genesis 2:4-25
-Garden of Eden
-Man in Gods Image "On the Origin of Species" (1859) - Charles Darwin EVOLUTION Evolution "That it shall be unlawful for any teacher in any of the Universities, Normals and all other public schools of the State, to teach any theory that denies the Story of the Divines Creation of man as taught in the Bible and to teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animal." Tennessee's Butler Act
Signed March 21, 1925 ACLU: Scope trial was first major national trial. Before Scopes only interested in 1st amendment speech issues. Two very influential groups get
a grand start at the trail Christian Fundamentalism: Started with Prohibition but moved on to Darwin and other social ills. Only a literal interpretation of the Bible is correct. 24 years old
High School Football Coach
General Science teacher
First teaching job
Single John Scopes William Jennings Bryan -Nebraska Congressman
-3 time Democratic Nominee for President (1896, 1900, 1908)
-Securtary of State - Wilson
-Big Adovcate of the little guy, hated big business and "bullies"
-Represented union members, anarchrist, and anti big business people
-Saw "Social Darwinism" as a sin -Corporate attorney for Chicago & Northwestern until it made him "sick"
-Criminal Defense attorney
-Defended Loeb and Leopold - Rich Chicago Suburban Teenagers who kidnapped and murdered 14 year old boy. Clarence Darrow -All species of life descended from a common ansestor and evolved
-Natural Selection
-Survial of the Fittest -Judge said several times that the "lord sent him here to oversee this trial"
-Defense was never allowed to use their expert scientist witnesses - wanted to use Evolutionists who believed in God
-Defense calls Bryan to stand
-Darrow Hammers Bryan
-Bryan continually bragged about how amazing his closing was going to be
-Darrow passed on his closing - in Tennessee, if the defense does not offer a closing argument then by law the prosecution can't
-Scopes found guilty
-fined $100.00
-Appealed to Tennessee Supreme Court
-Court overturned the conviction but upheld the law and in the ruling the the justices state that the law was never intended to be used or should never be used again
-Bryan Dies 5 dies after the trial after suffering a stroke The Actual Trial -ACLU - When they found out about this new law, they started to place ads in as many Tennessee newspapers as they could find, offering to pay for the defense of any teacher who wanted to challenge the new Butler law.
-After losing many industrial jobs the cities leaders see an opportunity to raise tourism revenue quickly by having Mr. Scope challenge the Butler law. The leaders did not care about the religion side of it.
-Mr. Scope was not arrested and did not spend any time in jail.
-The required textbook in Tennessee before and after the law was Hunter's Civic Biology, which only teaches Darwin.
-Scope is single
- Before the Trial Directed by Stanely Kramer
written by Nedrick Young (film) and Harold Jacob Smith(film)
Jerome Lawrence (play) and
Robert E. Lee "Inherit the Wind"
1960 Bertram Cates 24 years old science teach
Quiet humble man
arrested for teaching the theory of evolution from a biology textbook
Engaged to Rachel Brown Matthew Harrison Brady -National political figure - lost presidential race 3 times
-here to prosecute Cates
-Christian Fundamentalist here to defend the literal truth of the bible Henry Drummond -Famous Lawyer from Chicago
-sent by "Baltimore Herald" to represent Cates
-argues for the absolute freedom so thought
Important Movie Characters H.L. Minken
Editor of "American Mercury"
Modern and sophisticated - everything "Jazz"
Called South "intellectual Desert" E.K. Hornebeck
A journalist
Covers trial for "Baltimore Herald"
Despises Brady's religious fundamentalism and the people who follow him
Has newspaper pay for defense Rachel Brown
Cate's Finance
Reverend Brown Daughter
Starts believing her father but evidential believes in what Cate's believes which culminates in her leaving her father and reading Origin of the Species
Reverend Brown
Fire and Brimstone preacher
Rachel Brown's father
Believes in Fundamentalism more the anything else
Cruel to Rachel all her life
Said that a baby that just died was burning in hell because the baby died before being baptized -The town is extremely conservative and believes in fundamentalism
-Cates starts teaching Darwin, against the law and the textbook he is required to use
-Cates is engaged to Rachel Brown, and Rachel keeps trying to get Cates to surrender
-Hornbeck visits Cates and hires Drummond
-the town marches and signs religions praise a lot
-5 minutes - the town leaders meet to discuss the possibility of the trail against Cates. Most are interested in prosecuting the teacher, as Reverened Brown controls the meeting
-16:13 minutes - the introduction of Brady
-Brady's rally to get the town ready
Inherit the Wind
Before the trial Scope's Monkey Trial Scope's Monkey Trial
-The defense tries to make the trial about the law and how the long is wrong
-While the prosecution assumes that the is good and tries the case based on the law
-The judge continual rejects Drummond's attempts
1 hour 15 minutes - the defense calls scientist
-This is Drummond's attempt to prove to the community and court that the law does not have to be bad.
1 hour 30 - Brady is called
This is Drummond's last stand
-At the conclusion of the trial the court finds Cate guilty and fines him $100.00.
-Brady is unable to give his closing argument during the session so he tries to give it anyway.
-Brady has a stroke and dies
-Drummond acknowledges the need for Brady.

Inherit the Wind
Actual Trial
Full transcript