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SU Training

No description

Tony Payne

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of SU Training

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Don't Panic!
What makes you beautiful?
-Where you’re from
-Interesting fact about you
-Favourite joke
-What you’re excited about
-What you’re worried about
-What you’d like to learn about
-Your rule for training
-Something you’d like to achieve as an officer
-Your dream job

10 minute prep and 2 minute speech

Never Forget....
Canterbury College SU
Mo' money Mo' problems
Attracting flies.....
Can't Hold Us..
So we are going to plan some of your key goals for next year
End Credits...
Time to put it all into practice
On a mission......
Inspiring Others
Pick 3 cards to describe your experience of College
Smashing apathy
Principal/Directors/ SMT

By the end of the 2 days you will:
-Know your exec team
-Know what the SU was, is and can be
-Know why the college is the way it is
-Know what the NUS is?
-Agree on some ideas/aims for the Students' Union this year
-Be able to confidently answer "What is the Students' Union"

Nolan Principles:

We are going to hand the budget over to you.
NEC Block of 15, Nations, Liberation and Sections

Now you’re going to spend the next 15 minutes presenting your speeches to the group and hearing everyone's feedback….

Using the different examples and techniques you’ve already seen, spend the next 15 minutes writing a 1 minute speech on the Students' Union
Top Tips

Don’t overpower your audience – no more than 3 linking messages
Look at your audience, or at the tops of their heads
Don’t take yourself to seriously
Say the same thing but in different ways to get your message across
Don’t speak for too long
Ask rhetorical questions
Relax and breath – it’s your stage so set the tone and pace
Be Yourself – your audience can tell if you’re not comfortable and they want you to succeed
What Would Ewan Do?

Don’t Rush

Prior Preparation

Engage Your Audience

Practise, Practice & Practice

What Would Alistair do? – Persuasive Speaking

Have belief in what you’re saying

Be authentic

Get out your key points and objectives- build your speech around these

Define your central argument

Be aware you’ll not get every on your side, but you may make them think of something new/different


Watch the next video and note down what techniques and themes you
notice that work well……

Project Scope
Choose one of your priorities and write a scope
Now team up and swap scopes and see how you could improve upon it
What do you want to achieve, as a group and individually?
The Big Budget Challenge
Individually you will need to read the instructions and construct your own financial priorities
Now in 2 groups you will need to take your plans and merge then into one that is agreed by all 4 of your.
Finally you will come together as the executive team and produce one budget to please all, good luck!
"A complaint is just a
badly worded desire...
learn the language
of desire"
Why are you here?
Buzzword Bingo refresher
Number of Officers
Aims of Union

That's why we have a Constitution
Competing roles exercise
Megan Dunn
Piers Telemacque
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