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GCZ for SAP CRM kick-off

No description

Jan Skýpala

on 14 August 2010

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Transcript of GCZ for SAP CRM kick-off

CRM Current CRM based on Lotus Notes
supplied from GPO (Austria)
deployed in 2004 2 SAP companies
2 currencies
2 languages
2 pricelists
2 discount structures
2 frame contract types
1 consolidated reporting customers
visit reports Two pricelists
CZ, SK 8,000 companies
11,000 contact persons
don't import all to SAP CRM 2 Countries SAM
database Pricelist Pricing history EVA database Quotations Opportunities Sales Excellence tools TIP database Reporting approx. 500 quotations per month
Uses customers from SAM
Uses prices from Pricelist
Choice of pricelist
Dummy customers
Dummy products
Multiple quotations
Printouts in two languages (CZ, SK)
CZ prices in EUR and CZK
SK prices in EUR only Lifecycle of opportunity
Quotations assigned to opportunity
Decision date - integration with Lotus Notes calendar (reminder)
Integration with Quotations and Opportunities
Quotation follow-up
Request for quotation
Fullfillment plan
Opportunity Temperature Tool
Integration with Lotus Notes calendar (reminder) Subscription to business opportunities information supplied by third parties. Information provided via mail (Excel file attachements) or web pages. Opportunities imported into uniform. User can subscribe to the database for information based on keywords. One click convert to Opportunity in EVA database. List of marketing materials (catalogues, brochures, events, etc.) Salesman mark customers, marketing departments runs the campains, sends catalogues. History of marketing activities KPI's on all CRM related activities (customer visits, quotations, opportunities, sales excellence tools). Reports consolidated for whole GCZ Geographics Central office
Service partners
Warehouse Grundfos s.r.o (Ltd.) established in 1995 (markets supplied from Austria before)

Markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia (15 mil. inhabitants)

Offices Olomouc, Prague and Bratislava

Sales 2009 € 24,4mio. (record year 2008 - €32,7mio.)

55 people (2008 - 71 people) Facts Headcount Sales by country CRM Team Activities SAP ERP implementation (2009)
- two company codes
- GCZ, GSK EFQM Concordia (right now) Jiri Pospisil
Lubos Kulisek
Jan Kouba
Lucie Krchnakova
Ales Smekal
Jan Skypala 74% 26% GCZ Different campaigns and other marketing activities for CZ and for SK
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