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Create your own planet project: Venn Diagram

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Ken Dav

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Create your own planet project: Venn Diagram

Create your own planet, project: Venn Diagram

Mike the planet
Radius 6,371km
Mass: 5.972x 10kg
Yellow star
Distance from sun: 1AU
Red dwarf star
1 moon
Atmosphere : Oxygen, Co2, and Nitrogen
How they work as a system
Limitations of this model
Liquid Water
Distance from sun: 0.3AU
Plate movement
Some of the limitations of the Venn Diagram is that the information is simplified and does not tell you things in dept so you need to know the base of the topic to understand. Also it can not show you 3d figures and it has a limited use which is compare and contrast.
Surface is about 70% water and 30% land
The characteristics of a habitable planet works as a system by having a power source which are needed for there to be producers. Also the volcanoes contributes to the amount of Co2 which plants need to live and they also need liquid water. Then the plants releases oxygen which many creatures need to live. Another thing is that the gravity keeps the atmosphere from leaving the planet and an atmosphere is needed for the planet to be habitable.
Energy source
2 moons (Mike Jr., Jr.Mike)
Hottest temperature: 58 Celsius
Coldest temperature: -88 Celsius
Mass: 8.999x 10kg
Surface: 50% water and 50% land
1 day= 24 hours
1 year= 365 days
Hottest temperature: 47
Coldest temperature: -92
1 day= 48 hours
1 year = 146 days

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