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Schoology | Submitting an assignment

A simple HOW TO for submitting an assignment on myHistro's app on Schoology.


on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Schoology | Submitting an assignment

Submitting an assignment
is pretty easy Simply go
the edit page
of the timeline
you want to submit from here: You don't actually
need to edit anything... All you need to do is
clicking on
"Save and submit" You can also do that
directly from
My timelines Pay attention when submitting a timeline to your teacher.
Select the right one,
as you will not be allowed
to unsubmit it. If you realize you made a mistake or left some information out,
just edit the timeline
straight away. The teacher will only see the updated version! Just select the right
assignment from the list HOW-TOs Submitting an assignment on Schoology or here:
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