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on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Memories

/ \ Msn Status Wars Warming you up The Steps <3 Tall Kisses French Kisses Warm Hugs Tent Strawberries Mangos MSN till 3am Kissing Practice Making me smile Sahmile Cute Soft Toys Davjot Wishing for Doggy Brother not really allergic ;;P Esplanade Toilets Exploding from laughter Psychology Word Games Texting U instead of working OMGPOP Mrs Kelly's Love prezi Movies HIMUM ctrl + w Talking 4 12hrs str8 My dried mango was better Dried Mango.gif Never perfect alone time desk1 tumblr Sup Chunga Me seeing better with your glasses Loving me Loving you Learning Punjabi and failing Getting you into trouble for talking in Chem Me the distraction 51881 U R the Gr8 1 Brunetto's Maths B Changing Maths B Classes Next To Annoying Cassian Helping me with Maths B UHHHAA!! Dreaming about you Your Poems Your Wit That perfect Sahmile No bandana in the tent :O sex hair Singing "Marry Me" in front of Mitchel Me complaining about my parents Milkshakes Slurping at Coffe Club Scabbing Lunch :O I owe you 'vegetarian' pizza MUUATE! BMW Magic BMW Auto Wipers ACN Sick jokes with mitchel testing out which coffee club is better choosing where to sit at lunch waiting for u after every lesson staying behind with you after school Mr Provians always catching us MY EEI 'HELP' 'Studying' night time calls texting each other when we are right next to each other your long hair playing with my hair Random Jealousy My Straight back Our Normal kisses sibby the good kisser my lame jokes Josh Brodie sports day Warina Lakes Feeding ducks :) <3 $1 bread Dancing alone together Your double whips scummy east Rich Indians Rich Trolley Boy Daddy owning so many homes proposing asking you to grad on one knee 2million mangos ;) *wiggle 51881 Spider-man kisses BEING SO HAPPY WITH YOU :) Random Inside Stylish Jeans Your Dirty Mind You Me Us Me buying you Pillow-Dog Lilly coming along to replace the Pillow dog u never got Dog Brother allergic to dogs School Work Kissing at schoolies to shut Twiggy up Love Big One Memories of 2 Love Birds Blissfulness Piggy Back Spa Soon you'll see, we'll be free. you talk 4 hours Always Caring for you Texting you on Valentine in 2014 fun Being intertwined in each others bodies tent Never Blink east Kid Star gazing I love it when
you sBEAK to me eye
you foot your hand in my hand eye
2 Sibby we may be breaking up, but I want us to remember all the happy and unique memories we shared on our adventures through high-school.

At first we never expect to be so close, we never expected to gain such an amazing friend. But here we are, with someone that cares for us more than the world, someone that will never forget who we are. Through the ups and downs we cried and laughed like the 'idiots' we were never fully thinking about the distant end of it all.

Most of my high school life will be forgotten, but I never want to forget the greatest part; you. So I made this for our fading memories to hold onto. So our beautiful teenage moments together are never forgotten and the love we have for each other never fully fades from our heart. Yeah :)

Love you xx :) wish I could spend the rest of my life in your arms, but dreams don't always come true.

Oh and remember as you charge through life:
"Success is in satisfaction, not prestige." - Unknown haven't nailed you yet Twiggy supports us I
you amazing love heart
drawing in maths B Pillow Sahibjot David Hungry Birthdays Marry Me Dirty Jokes The Steps Latin Some of these might not
make sense in the future
OH WELL :P Always being late You deserving the "late to grad" more than me Obsession for fluffy toys tumblr stalking Creepy Indians Strawberries everywhere at the show Slerping Milkshakes Esplanade woman taking so long Lillies Leg dance No a/c Road trip grade 9 ikukily cot He's winking Stuff ikuk 7 8 love
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