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sean mcgrath

on 12 November 2012

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george washington's socks
By Elvira woodbuff STORY PLOT Rising action exposition exposition In the beginning of the story of George Washington Socks by Elvira Woodbuff, Matt and his friends which are Hooter, Quentin and Tony made an adventure club where they would read about adventure and maybe live some. So they decided to go camping behind Tony's house for the first official meeting. They didn't want to do the meeting in his yard but everybody's parents said no to go camping at the lake. So they camped behind his house. But sadly Matt had to bring his little sister along because Matt didn't want to eat his peas at dinner and put them in the sugar bowl. Matt's sister saw him put it in there and the only way to keep her mouth shut was to bring her along to the first meeting. A lot happened in the Rising Action of George Washington Socks so I am going to tell you 6 events that happened in the Rising Action. The first event that happened after the exposition is that Tony, Q [is short for his name which they called him in the book], Hooter, and Matt were sitting by the fire and were saying that they should live an adventure. They decided to go to the lake for the adventure. They were on their way through the trail when they started talking about how people disappear at this lake. The second event that happened was when they got to the lake, they saw a boat floating in the water. They went in it and a bunch of fog was in front of them. When they reached the middle of the lake, it cleared and they saw George Washington in a boat. A third event that happened is that George Washington brought them back to camp and told them to go to the hotel. He also asked them where they lived, but they didn't answer. They just started walking to the hotel with the solider. The forth event that happened is that they realized that George Washington accidentally left his cape with Katie. Matt ran back to give it to him and a captain stopped him, thought he was a kid fighting on their side of the war, and brought him where the soldiers were. Matt met a friend named Israel. The fifth event is that Matt wakes up the next morning and there was someone yelling at him and telling him to get in line and march with the other soldiers into war. The six event is that his friend falls down and Matt stayed with him because he knew he was hurt. They both fell asleep and the friend dies in his sleep, but Matt woke up in someone's house. The wife of the house kicked him out and the husband gave him a mule named Black Jack. Matt set off on the trail to get back to the hotel. CLIMAX The turning point of the story George Washington Socks is when Katie and Q got captured by the Hessians who are German solider from the war. The king of Britain wanted more soldiers, so he paid Germany to bring over some troops. Anyway when they got captured it was the climax of the story. The resolution of the story is when they find the boat that took them there because Katie hid it where no one would find it. They learned that it was a time traveling boat, and then they saw that it started spinning. They all got in it and it disappeared into thin air. They learned from one of the kids that disappeared that you control it with your mind, and they controlled it and were home in the lake . They came back in the morning so no one knew they were gone. Resolution CONFLICT MAN VS MAN One man vs man conflict from the story is that Matt, Q and Hooter go to fight the Hessians. Another man vs man conflict from the book is that it is taking place in the Revolutionary War, so Britain is fighting the American colonists. Those are two man vs man conflicts from the book. Man vs Nature One man vs nature conflict is that Israel the friend Matt met in the war was trying to fight in the snow storm on the march into war but ended up not winning[dying]. Another man vs nature conflict from the book is that Matt was try to fight off the storm by not falling asleep and dying. Those are two man vs nature conflicts from the book. Man vs Self One man vs self conflict from the book is that Matt had to decide if he should go into the camp to save Q and Katie or not. Another man vs self conflict from the book is that Matt had to decide to bring Katie to the camp out or not because she might tell. Those are two man vs self conflicts from the book. AUDIENCE The audience best served for this book is children because this book was written for children. Adults would not likely read this because it more make believe and entertaining. That is why this book is best served for children . RECOMMENDATION I would recommend this book to my cousin Patrick because he really likes history and entertainment in stories. He would love this book too because it has sad and emotional parts, and it has some violent things that happen in it. It's also has very good details in the story that he seems to like and finally I think he would like it because it has time traveling in it. That is why I would recommend this book to him. Author's Purpose The author's purpose of the story is to inform the reader about the Revolutionary War from the point of view of young boys and girls my age. Also I think the author wanted to show how you would react if you were ever Revolutionary War and how sad every thing is. That is I think the authors purpose was. THEMe George Washington Socks made the boys learn more about the War and how hard it was to be a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The main characters are Matt, Hooter, Katie, Q and Tony and the setting is in the Revolutionary War. The problem of the story is that the main characters have to get home from the Revolutionary War. That is the problem of the story. Problem Main characters
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