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Theme and Authors Purpose

No description

maria chavez

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Theme and Authors Purpose

Theme Author's Purpose By: Maria Chavez Introduction Many people confuse author's purpose and theme to be the same thing. In reality, they are two different things that a story must have to be enjoyable. This presentation is meant to put all confusion to rest and help you understand further what these terms really mean. Theme is what the Author wants you to learn about or the moral of the story. It's the lesson you should learn when you're done. Without this, you would've just wasted your time with something that didn't matter. You don't know what you have until it's gone

What goes around comes around

If you want a friend, be a friend

Don't judge a book by its cover Examples: Theme and Author's Purpose Author's Purpose is why they write, it's the reason an author decides to write about a specific topic. Most authors write about they're past experiences. If they did not have these adventures, there would be nothing to write about. Examples: The world is to small for me.Tall buildings are everywhere trying to keep the sun away from me.Factors make sure i don't see the beautiful dancing stars light up the sky at night.Cars helping them make the snow white clouds look like smoke.The ocean is a garbage can to everyone. I'm not right for this place because i do care. The Author wanted to inform you about the problems in the world
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