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Project #3 The Sales Training Speech

No description

Tanya West

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Project #3 The Sales Training Speech

Let's SELL, SELL, SELL!!!...Toastmasters
What Are We Selling?
Help Our Club Grow
All members of Toastmasters Clubs benefit by having new members
New members = new blood
New members = new ideas
Expands your network of contacts

Develop confidence and improve speech skills in a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Regular and constructive feedback from other learners. Your own personal mentor available.

Experience in leadership development through training and club involvement.

Refine and revitalize existing skills and learn new skills – humor, technical, teaching, etc.

Access to educational materials and resources on public speaking, honest feedback, and more.

Teach a sales audience how to sell a product by using a planned presentation

Inform a sales training audience about the human experience of the buyer-seller relationship

Use entertaining stories and dynamic examples of sales situations

Inspire salespeople to want to succeed in selling
Find out prospect's needs
Gain their confidence
Sell a solution
Anticipate objections
Make the close
5 Step Formula
Invite others to join you at Club meetings

Talk about your Toastmasters experience

Refer prospects to Club VP Membership

We are all "salespeople"
for Toastmasters
You provide an example by attending meetings
Others see how you improve and grow
At events such Women's History Celebration, CPA events, Photography Shows, etc.
Who is the prospect?
Anyone who expresses an interest in Toastmasters
How to find out their needs
Tell them about your needs and why you participate
Tell them about our Club member's needs
Give examples where Toastmasters would have helped someone give a presentation or speech
Remember to LISTEN!!
Gain Their Confidence
Tell them how Toastmasters has helped you and others
Build trust and confidence by asking questions that probe
Personal feels
Guide them to a solution (e.g join a Toastmasters club)
Sell the Solution
Use the DRAMA Method
Anticipate Objections
Tactfully handle objections using phrases such as...
"As we all know.."
"You agree that..."
"I can understand how you feel..."
Questions "why when an objection is raised to determine the root cause of the objection
Common Toastmasters Objections
"I don't have time"
I don't do speeches or presentations on my job"
"I'm a lost cause" or "I'd rather DIE than give a speech"
I Don't Have Time
This is usually an excuse, masking the real reason they don’t want to join
Try to find out the real reason and address it
Response: Toastmasters does not have to require a lot of time; however, what you gain is commensurate with what you invest.

I Don’t Do Speeches or Presentations on my job
So, do you plan to do this job forever?
What if a great, well-paying job that required some speaking or presentation skills became available but you weren’t ready?
Great communications skills, both listening and speaking, are valuable to everyone!
I’m a Lost Cause
No one is a lost cause!
We all can’t be top-notch public speakers, but we can all be better speakers than we are today.
Remember that Toastmasters is as much about Listening (evaluations) as it is about speaking!

Ask if the prospect is ready to join
Send them to the VP-Membership and/or have a membership application ready
Invite them to attend the next Club meeting with you
Follow-through by contacting prospect before the next meeting
Close the Sale
We are all salespeople for Toastmasters
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