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No description

Tessa Hasson

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of KATY PERRY

music originated in the 1950's
Katherine Elizabeth Hudson
Parent's are 2 devoted pastors who directed their daughter to singing in churches
Career Development
Katy first started her career by making Christian music
First #1 hit was "I Kissed a Girl"
Cultural Impact
Works Cited
1st female to ever have 5 #1 hit songs on one album
Nominated for Grammy Awards 2009-2014
Traveled to
At age 16, Perry released a Christian
Pop Album as Katy Hudson, "it reached literally 100 people then the label went bankrupt."
Studied Italian Opera at the Music Academy of the West
Tested out of highschool in order to pursue her
Singing Lessons
at age 9
at age 13
Dream in Music
for a gospel recording industry
Used as a term that includes any music that is Popular
Pop music is more about being pleasurable to listen to, rather than having artistic depth.
Pop Music
She was banned from listening to what they called "secular music".
Throughout Katherine's childhood she would sneek music through her friends
She also won at People's Choice Awards:
Favorite Female Artist
Favorite Music Video
Favorite Pop Artist
Favorite Music Fan Following
First 2 albums sold 4.2 million copies in the U.S.
First nine singles sold over 40 million with seven singles reaching #1
Massive Social Media Following
First on twitter to reach 50 million followers
Uses popularity to campaign for individual expression and gay rights
She made a record deal
with Capitol Records and
began her Pop music
One of the Boys,
Katy's first Pop album, debuted in 2008
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