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Andy Zheng

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Rhetoric Of Infographics
"Infographics can provide visual drama and emotional impact to otherwise incomprehensible and dry numbers." (Widner)
By: Sania Latif, Hyunjin Kim, Andy Zheng
Works Cited
Background Knowledge
Widner, Michael. "Visualizing the Economy and the Rhetoric of Infographics." Viz. University of Texas, 12 Apr. 2011. Web. 10 June 2013.
Elements of Infographics
Color Theme
Early Infographics
The first known infographic was created
as early as 7500 BC from an ancient map
at the Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük
Way before pyramids were even built!
Infographics reached a new peak when a Scottish man named William Playfair invented the line, bar, circle, and pie graphs between 1786 to 1801
Rise of graphs and charts
Early graphs and charts
1970s: Surge of Modern Infographics
Infographics that are seen everywhere today were
first developed during this time period and has since
presented the audience with a more effective
way of presenting data in a more comprehensive manner.
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