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Case 10.2

No description

Isabelle Davidsson

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Case 10.2

What went wrong with the BSC?
Alternative 1 - Keep the BSC
Alternative 2 - Replacement for the BSC
Which alternative is the best?
Our solution
Continue to use the BSC
Create a clear link between strategy and performance measurement
But the problem could still exist
What went wrong with the BSC?
Too many measures
Struggle to understand the purpose and idea behind the BSC
Is the company's strategy the issue?
Failed to create a good link between the scorecard to the incentive system
Alternative 1
Keep the BSC
Get rid of unnecessary indicators and measurements
Develop the scorecard at the corporate level
But - the problems of using appropriate measures will still exist
Alternative 2
Replacement for the BSC
Business performance board
Resolves the problems of unquantifiable measures and over-measurement
But - lose the investment they put into BSC
Case 10.2
Making Balanced Scorecard Work
Thank you!
The Worldclass Lightning Experience
Thank you for listening!
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