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Strategic Management analysis of Engro Food

No description

Usman Bhatti

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Management analysis of Engro Food

Input Stage
Vision Statement
Input Stage
Strategic Management analysis of Engro Food

Muhammad Usman Bhatti
Humayun Tahir
Sidra Arshad
Muhammad Omar Aziz
“To become the premier food industry with a global reach, passionately pursuing value creation for all stakeholders”
Mission Statement
We aspire to make Engro the most successful premier food producer (2) in Pakistan.
Its aim is to make superior products (7) to improve the quality of life of its customers to stay a step ahead of competitors.
It targets to maintain a strong market share to maximize shareholders returns (8)on their investments with the help of regular technological innovations.
EFL support these goals with a corporate philosophy (6) of adhering to the highest ethical conduct in all its business dealings, treatment of its employees and social and environmental policies.
The company strives to become an eco-friendly organization through its green packaging materials and proper waste disposal techniques (4).
We are the market leaders and in many product lines catering all socio economic classes.
Internal Assessment
Internal Assessment Results:
The Weighted Score turn out to be 2.77 which are above the average which shows that the Engro Foods have the strong internal position.

Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)
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