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Marine Science

No description

Miguel Garcia

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Marine Science

Marine Science Tools
A microphone that detects sound waves under water

Direction of magnetic north and bearings from it
Bottom Dredge
Grab sampler
A single sample or measurement taken at a specific time
Gravity Corer
The core sampler is dropped into the sample usually the bed of a water body
Piston Corer
A device for extracting columns of sediment from the ocean floor
Niskin Bottle
Rosette Cluster Niskin bottles
An instrument for measuring the salinity of water
pH meter
A pH meter is an electronic device used for measuring the pH of a light
An instrument for measuring and indicating temperature
Desalination plant
Desalination or desalting refer to any of several processes that removes some amount of salt and other minerals from water
An instrument measuring atmospheric pressure used
Reversing Thermometer
A thermometer that registers the temperature in deep waters
Dissolved Oxygen Probe
Secchi Disk
An opaque disk typically white used to gauge the transparency of water by measuring the depth
Sounder ( lead
line )

A type of echo sounder

Current Meter
Is oceanographic device for flow measurement by mechanical acoustical means or electrical means
Dissection Microscope
Used for obtaining a three dimensional view of a specimen
Compound Microscope
Light microscope that has two converging lens system
A warship with a streamlined hull to operate completely submerged in the sea for long periods
An anchored float serving as a navigation mark to show reefs or other hazards or for mooring
A manned submersible vessel of a kind used by the french deep sea explorer Auguste Piccard
Plankton Net
A piece of equipment used to collect phtoplankton and Zooplankton samples
JZ Bacterialogical Bottle
Otter Trawl
A trawl net fitted with an otter board
An instrument for measuring the density of liquids
Electron Microscope
Wash bucket
Any of various machines equipped with scooping
A device for obtaining samples of seawater at a specific depth
water is samples in a sterile container for bacterial examination
A bucket or pail is typically a watertight vertical cylinder or truncated come with an open top and flat bottom usually attached to a semicircular carrying handle called the bail
Measures the depth of ocean water
A microscope with high magnification and resolution employing electron beams in place of light and using electron lenses
Determine the concentration oxygen in aqueous solutions in the field or in the laboratory
A rosette cluster is when collecting bottles are attached around a rigid circular frame in a rosette pattern
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