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School Presentation

Simar Mangat

on 23 August 2012

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Transcript of Stoodle

Week 1
(8/21-8/25) The problem arjun mehta, divyahans gupta
simar mangat, Community-based Learning Our solution Our Market Distribution Roadmap Learning Ecosystem Curated Crowd-sourced Tutoring Curated Crowd-sourced Content Phase 1 Phase 3 Phase 2 Nueva Middle School Lower School Bay Area Community Our value
distribution of Content
direct access to student tutoring networks
democratization of learning CK-12 & Instunet "We can't make all kids get an education, but we can make it simpler, easier, and more affordable" - Neeru Khosla
Founder cK-12 Our partnership
centralized content
resources and connections Resources Needed Phase 1: Instant Clasroom
interactive whiteboard
aggregate content
Social Media connection

Phase 2: Self-Study
concept map + ability to self-study material

Phase 3: Scheduling
schedule and request classes Product Phases Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Mission: Coalesce high-quality content and free peer tutoring services to bridge the education gap and enhance the student learning experience
students fall behind, then stay behind
competition vs. collaboration
private tutoring is costly
decentralized resources
niche: classic student scenario Peer to Peer tutoring: intuitive and simple
Free, interactive whiteboard
Aggregated content
Social Media: keeping it relevant The Tutoring Marketplace
Private Tutoring Sector
$8 billion in US alone
5% annual growth
$100 billion by 2017 (Global Industry Analysts)
High School Tutoring Clubs!
physical peer to peer tutoring It's time for a change... Spark (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Upcoming Features Ability to search through ongoing classes
User Account System
Community Service Logs
Video Playback of Sessions
Facebook Application
HTML 5 Whiteboard Inter-School: Buddy Program
Intra-School: Student Mentors
Tutoring Clubs
In-School Promoting: Offer application to students Implementations: Possible Programs Promote Education Reform
Completely free
Creating Collaborative Atmosphere in School
Empowering community to learn and make change with our tutoring application
non-profit run by students for students Why Stoodle... Week 2
(8/26-9/1) Now Week 3
(9/2-9/8) August September Winter Year Planning implementation Introduce Stoodle to students
Testing in small groups Planning Execution Expansion Evaluate
Testing in small groups (cont.)
Evaluate feedback/progress
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