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Here and Now or There and Then

Matthew 24:36-51; NW Church of Christ, San Antonio, TX USA

Marvin Bryant

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Here and Now or There and Then

Matthew 24:36-51
Here and now or there and then?
I used to have a lot of hope.
Then I began to understand what the problem is. I wasn't really facing the problems of life. I was denying my feelings about a lot of things because it was too painful to feel them. In more recent years I am allowing myself to feel them more, and I now see the problem much more clearly. The world is very, very broken. People are very, very broken.
In some ways I feel like I'm starting over, seeking to build genuine hope, in the midst of my painful awareness of how broken the world is.
(we can be spiritually ADD)
During his presedential cmapaign, JFK used to close his speeches with the story of Colonel Davenport, the Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives. One day in 1789 the sky of Hartford darkened ominously, and some of the representatives, glancing out the windows, feared the end was at hand. Quelling a clamor for immediate adjournment, Davenport rose and said, "The day of judgment is either approaching or it is not. If it is not, there is no cause for adjournment. If it is, I choose to be found doing my duty. There, I wish that candles be brought so we may continue.
illustrations for preaching and teaching,
page 196, Missionary Gregory Fisher, West African Bible College Students, what will he say when he shouts, what will be the command,
don't over correct
Christianity is also about
the there
and then.
The NT is full of references to hope, the second
" "

80x in NT (NIV)
As we continue to make sure our faith affects lives here and now, we must also make sure we don’t lose the NT’s powerful focus on the finale’ of history.
The NT is full of both direct and indirect references to matters related to the end of time: hope (80x NIV), 2nd coming , judgment. Many Parables. One NT scholar calculated that one in every fifteen verses of the NT has something to say about the end.
Jesus is coming back
1) The destruction of Jerusalem (AD 70) and
(cf. vv. 1-3)
2) his own return to the earth still in the future
“That day”
(vv. 30-31)
(v. 36)
= the day of his return
"the Son of Man Coming"
(vv. 37, 39, 42, 44)
Several other times Jesus says he is coming back

There are some rewards and discipline from God during our lifetimes,
but the final
comes at
the end.
This passage doesn't tell us precisely what the rewards and punishments
consist of.
Jesus gathering his elect ones (v. 31)
taking some people and not others (40-41; cf. 1 Thessalonians 4:17)
promoting the faithful servant (vv. 45-47)
being cut to pieces and assigned a place with the hypocrites where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (v. 51)
We will all be rewarded or punished.
Some of these descriptions
are stated in the language of parable.
mentioned by Jesus 11x
Elsewhere, we read straightforward descriptions about punishment in hell
Reward in Heaven
Matthew 6:20; 7:21-23; 8:11; John 14:1-3
Gregory Fisher,
Some aspects of reward and punishment may be uncomfortable to us, yet we yearn for justice.
Regardless of how we may feel,
we need to strive to hear and accept what the Bible says.
Matthew 24:36-41
Verse 36 couldn’t be clearer
(see also v. 42)
Jesus’ return will be
(vv. 37-39)
(44, 50)
(v. 48),
No one knows when he is coming back.
So we need to watch and be ready.
Matthew 24:45-51
(vv. 45-47)
We do so by doing the work he has given us to do until
he returns.
If we lose sight of the fact that he is coming back,
we may well get off track with our lives.
We go astray in regard to his return when we
do wrong because it seems a long ways off (48-49)
when we get caught up in everyday life and stop expecting it (vv. 37-38)
when we focus on calculating the date.
Colonel Davenport
Here and Now

Here's where the
we focus on
doing the tasks
he left for us to do
Since he is coming back
at an unexpected time
to reward or punish us,

mourning (v. 30)
being left (vv. 40-41)
Matthew 10:28; 18:9; 23:33
more than anyone else in the NT
becoming like him (1 John 3:1-3)
including seeing Christ as he is &

It may feel like it is taking a long time

but it could
be today!
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