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Prisoner B-3087

Prisoner B-3087 plot line including exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution plus some pictures.

Emma Garmoe

on 7 November 2015

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Transcript of Prisoner B-3087

this is Jack Gruener showing his tattoo to people. He travels and tells people about his journey through WW2. His tattoo say B-3087. Jack is the main character of the story.
the major characters include: Yanek, his uncle Moshe, and Hitler

Protagonist/Antagonist: Yanek, a 10 year old Jewish boy, is the protagonist. He survives WW2. The war started when he was 10 and ended when he was 18. Hitler, the Nazi's leader and a german politician, is the antagonist. The Nazis killed many Jews during WW2. Some were Yanek's family members.
Rising action 1- One of the most important parts of the book is when Yanek finds his uncle Moshe in the Auschwitz concentration camp. When Yanek finds his uncle in one the concentration camps, they stayed in touch and tried to help each other survive. The one day that his uncle doesn't show up at the "cafeteria" he knew that his uncle was gone. The leader of the camp he was at would always take people out of the role call line and shoot them in the head. This kept the Jews afraid of them so they would listen.

Rising action 2- Another part of the book that is important was when Yanek was struggling to survive in a VERY long walk. Yanek was on what they call a "death walk" to another concentration camp. It was winter and he had no shoes, socks, hat, or gloves. Imagine walking through 3+ inches of snow with just a shirt and shorts on. At night you slept on the snow, sometimes in groups of people to keep warm. For the whole trip everyone had 1 small, stale loaf of bread. Also if you walked to fast or slow, you were whipped or beaten. Many people died of exhaustion along the way. When Yanek and the rest of the group arrived at the new concentration camp they found out that it was the most dangerous camp (Auschwitz). This is where Yanek almost dies again and finds his uncle Moshe.
Climax- Another part of the book that is important was when Yanek was about to die. Yanek was told to go into a chamber and take off his clothes. Everyone knew what was coming (death). The chamber was where they gassed people. Since Yanek knew he was about to die he started yelling up at them that he was glad he wasn't going to be their "slave" anymore. to everyone's surprise water turned on instead. They were few of the people who got a shower instead.

Theme- Keeping hope is the theme of this book. During WW2 Yanek could have just gave up and died. Instead he persevered through and survives. It developed when he was first taken away from his home. he knew he could had simply just been shot but instead says to himself he is going to survive. At the very end, Yanek is rescued by American troops, he couldn't believe he made it. Without hope Yanek would not had survived.
Setting- This book first takes place in Krakow, Poland in 1939, Inside of Yanek's families apartment. As time goes on Yanek travels to 10 different concentration camps: Plaszow, , Trzebinia, Birkenau. Auschwitz, Sachsenhausen, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Gross-Rosen, and Dachau. The camps are all nasty, dark, and dingy. Millions of Jews had died during this war in many different ways.

Main conflicts
1- Person vs. fear, Yanek had gone through 10 concentration camps. Concentration camps were camps that were not clean or friendly environments. He had to go through the fear of losing his life, and family. At the end of the book Yanek survives, but not his family.

2- Person vs. nature, Yanek and millions of other Jews had to go through many harsh conditions. One example would be when the go on the "Death Walks". The would have one loaf of bread to last them the whole walk to the other concentration camps. Imagine walking through snow with no coat, hats, gloves, or shoes in the middle of winter. Also if you were to fast or slow they would whip you. And at night you slept in big groups on the snow to keep warm. They only got little sleep, many people died of malnutrition and exhaustion.

by Emma Garmoe
Allen Gratz
Historical Fiction
260 pages
Prisoner B-3087
Major/Minor Characters background
Yanek- The main character, 10 years old, based off of Jack Gruener, an actual survivor of the Holocaust

Hitler- German politician, leader of the Nazis, WW2 lasted for 6 years, suicide

Uncle Moshe- this is Yaneks uncle, he finds his uncle in one of the concentration camps and they help each other survive until his Moshe is killed by the commanding officer (leader/owner) of the camp. He was the only family member alive.

Mom and Dad- Yanek's mom and dad were taken away while they were walking home from work. They both do die in the story.

Aunt Gelza- married to uncle Moshe, taken away during an rade in their apartments.

I recommend this book to anyone who like realistic fiction or a good nail biter. There were many events in this book that makes you want to keep reading. There aren't many corrections i would make to it. One would be to give more details about the minor characters like the mom and dad. Overall this book was very good and I would recommend it to any of my friends.
St. Mary's Basilica
This is a gas chamber
Death walk
Auschwitz concentration camp
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