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Gender Inequalities in the Work Force

Final Project for Sociology

Hailey Richards

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of Gender Inequalities in the Work Force

Gender Inequalities in
the Work Force

What is gender defined as?
Inequalities in Pay/Salaries
Gender Dominated Fields
Women tend to dominate the work force in fields such as
secretaries, elementary and middle school teachers, nursing, and accountants.
What is inequality defined as?
Inequality is defined as "the condition of being unequal; lack of equality; disparity."
Lets start with the basics!
A woman's dollar is not equal to a man's dollar. While a "man's dollar" is actually equal to 100 cents or a true dollar, a "woman's dollar" is actually worth around 77 cents out of 100.
If a man makes a salary of $100,000 a year he make $100,000. If a woman is making $100,000 of "man's money" she is actually making $77,000! So a woman would have to work almost 23% more to make the same $100,000.
(Inequality, 2013)

Men dominate in fields such as
construction, politics, emergency services, law enforcement, and technology services.
However in the past 15 years alone men and women have begun to transition into the other genders fields.
Benefits Received by Men and Women
Men and women might receive many of the same medical benefits from their jobs but men generally have more coverage than women. This goes back to the idea that men make 100 cents on the dollar while women make 77 cents from the same dollar. Because men make more money their medical plans and coverage are worth more.
Hailey Richards

"When we consider how males and females differ, we usually think first of sex, the different biological equpiment of males and females. Then we might think about
, how we express our "maleness" or "femaleness"." (Henslin, 2011)

of an individual, male or female, based on reproductive anatomy. " (Gender, 2013)


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(Henslin, 2011).
(Lucal, 2009)
What's holding women back in the work force, politics, and ultimately taking control of society?

. Apparently, "
is masculine" (Henslin, 2011).

Women tend not to venture too far into politics and law enforcement because they are male

Now there are exceptions and women are powerful and influential but for the most part women stick to being feminine instead of putting themselves into masculine positions.
Studies Show
Even from a young age girls and boys have different strong suits. "Girls do better with words, and boys do better with numbers" (Henslin, 2011).
These findings in girls and boys could be biological.
In accordance with the types of jobs men and women take as adults may be linked to how they were taught as children and even their genetic makeup.

Boys are better with
and the fields of law enforcement, politics, and contruction are all filled with
. Girls are better with
and are the majority of nurses, teachers, and secretaries where
and communication is important.
Are we biologically suited for our jobs? How masculine or feminine our appearances are could affect our career paths!
Male Dominance in Power Positions
Men dominate in politics and law enforcement often because they make it difficult for women to succeed.
Women often don't have husbands or families who will support them if they are in the political field (Hensin, 2011).
The physical training and job requirements make it hard for women to be in law enforcement. Many men who are more physically fit than women (gentics) have a hard time with being in good enough shape, and if men are having a hard time why would a woman attempt it?
(Menasce, J., & Horowitz, R. W., 2010).
Words and Numbers???
(Henslin, 2011).
I fully believe women can do anything men can do. These opinions are those of my sources :) Thank you for watching this Prezi.
Head of Operations
Because of the asserted dominance nessecary to take control of companies, many CEO's, head of departments, and important "power positions" are given to men over women.
Women receive lower wages than men.
Women have lower health benefits and coverage policies (if given to them through their jobs).
Men are given more employment opportunities (i.e. CEO, head of department) than women.
Inequal opportunities???
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