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No description

Jessica Ownby

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of PETA TOK

Ethics in People For The Ethical
Treatment of Animals Shady History:
Perception and History Counterclaim Claim Sex... really does sell Pathos Hypocrisy and Ethical Extremism Fear and Disgust tactics:
Emotion and Ethics *not for the faint of heart nor those prone to vomiting. Rally People
Propaganda Presentation by Carter Bruett, Moris Sarkisyan,
Tristan Clegg, and Jessica Ownby Sex Sells:
Perception and Ethics Peta's Arguments
The Meat Industry Is There A Limit On Ethics? Is There A Limit
On Ethics? Initial Perception:
Perception and Ethics Guilt Tactics:
Emotion and History Holocaust ≠ Animal Slaughter Houses " They are a good group." "Insane." "Reaching for
anyone to follow." "Peaceful organization against animal abuse." "...PETA must rely largely on free "advertising" through media coverage. We will do extraordinary things to get the word out about animal cruelty because we have learned from experience that the media, sadly, do not consider the terrible facts about animal suffering alone interesting enough to cover." Regardless... YES Ethics:
Ethical Limit:
Ethical Purpose: there is a limit. Consider this a warning. This presentation contains trace amounts of the following potentially offensive material:
Racy images of scantily clad women and men
Audio, video, multimedia, and text dealing with the violent deaths of animals
Other unpleasant topics relating to animal cruelty
If you would rather not risk exposure to such, remove yourself from the area now. You will be given another warning before things we deem potentially harmful.
Thank you.
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