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Tsu Chu

No description

farah jalil

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Tsu Chu

Played with smaller ball - 2 teams
Objective : get the ball over oppositions’s boundary line

The FA
The Football Association (1863)
Attempted to bring together different codes and systems across Britain to set soccer rules

Tsu Chu
Dinasty Han (2-3 BC)
Kicking leather ball (hair and feathers)
No hand is allowed

Medieval Times
Waving Flag- Soccer
Europe – middle ages
Ill practices – hitting, kicking, bitting, punching
Soldiers missed archery practice
Due to this, football was once banned
King James “Na man play at the Fute-ball”

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (1904)
Reflect agreement on football internationally

Rules & Regulation
90 minutes
Kick off or drop ball – to start the game
Yellow card / red card – fouls that may bring dangers to other players
Free kick
Goal kick
Penalty kick
Corner kick

Edison Arantes do Nascimento
23 October 1940
striker and attacking midfielder
Brazil national team
Santos and New York Cosmos (after retired)
Rules &
Kick Off
Yellow card / Red Card
Free Kick
Goal Kick
Penalty Kick
Corner Kick
Pele cont.
Pele cont.
after retired from international competetition - joined New York Cosmos (won league championship)

retired for good - continue active in sport circles :-
-commentator, ambassador, promoter in soccer

declared by the world as "Brazil National Treasure" and "King Of Football"

2011 - FIFA announced Pele, Maradona as men's player of century
grew up in poverty

developed a rudimentary talent for soccer - kicked a rolled-up sock stuffed with rags and barefoot

despite all that - managed to become the best player of all time
- winning 3 World Cup with Brazil
- world most scorer - 1281 goals in 1363 games
took back in time when football was first played
basic laws of football to regulate the game
background story of the greatest football player of all time
Doubleday & Company Inc., (1977)
The beautiful game
"My Life and the Beautiful Game"
Pele once said football was “the Beautiful Game” where he named his autobiography My Life and the Beautiful Game, and it indeed is “the Beautiful Game”.
History of Soccer
Rules & Regulation
Best player of all time
purpose - to inform my audience about wide aspect of football :
history of football
rules and regulation
best player in the world
My Life and the Beautiful Game: The Autobiography of Pele

Doubleday & Company Inc., (1977)
The beautiful game, biography.
My Life and the Beautiful Game
pg 9, 15

Joshua Robinson, Soccer 101, WorldSoccer

International Football Association Board, (2014/2015),
Laws of the Game,
Nur Farah binti Abdul Jalil
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